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What Is the Best TV to Buy In 2021?

If you are reading this, then it is obvious you are into televisions. Televisions have revolutionized entertainment and taken it to another level. Communication through audio-visual means has proven to be very effective over time. However, the choice remains yours on how you would like to entertain yourself in this tech-savvy era.


There are many brands that you can choose from in the market. Each brand has its own unique features, prices, and sizes. Technology has really advanced when you look at televisions. But we would like to bring a particular brand to your attention. We believe that the LG OLED TV series is the best TV to buy in 2021.

Brand History

This brand has been around for about seven decades producing quality products. Its origin comes from Korea, and it is a merger of two brands, namely Goldstar and Lucky. Both companies had different logo designs and were formed a few years apart. In the early eighties, the two companies merged and therefore named the resultant company ‘Lucky-Goldstar.’ 

At this time, the company still had a Korean emblem that they maintained up until the mid-nineties. The company changed its logo in 1995 to LG after gaining world recognition for its products. This electronics company produces a wide range of products that span from home appliances, communication devices to vehicle accessories.

What Is Under the Hood?

There are several new additions that make LG OLEDs the best TVs to buy in 2021. Here are some of them:

1. In-built technology

LG OLED TV is a highly sophisticated television that you should definitely have in your household. It delivers high-quality picture resolution for a magnificent display. Portability, size, and audio quality are also not to be left out to create the desired ambiance that you require.


These units also come with LG’s propriety accessories like smart platform, web OS 6.0. Additionally, you get a universal remote that connects to all compatible devices. This makes it easier for you to control everything in your network from a single point. Voice control is also possible, thanks to the TV’s compatibility with Alexa, Google Voice Assist and Apple’s airplay.

You also have a lot to smile about if you are a gamer. LG OLEDs come with G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility. Furthermore, variable refresh rates and auto low latency mode ensure that your controller inputs are recorded at lighting speeds.

2. Picture quality

Until recently, the past television models have disappointed you when it comes to picture quality. There are some scenes in movies or television programs that feature a dark background, and you struggle to get the full picture of what is really happening. However, the best OLED TVs tend to deliver quality pictures through millions of self-light emitting pixels for a sharper picture.

Consequently, you get a more cinematic experience when watching your favorite movie or show.

3. Design

Along with exceptional image processing, technological advances have brought about many visible changes in television design. Gone are the large and bulky sets. Currently, flat panel displays are the in thing. The LG OLED TV series comes in a new slim-fit design and a variety of eye-pleasing colors. Additionally, the televisions are both portable and mountable.


The new design saves you a lot of space and adds to the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore, the design makes the TV applicable to many settings. For example, you will find LG OLED TVs in conference rooms, bars, and malls. If you are one that goes against the grain, LG OLEDs are also available with curved and foldable screens. Finally, you can get screen sizes ranging from48 inches to 77 inches.

4. Responsiveness

With the current gaming trends that have emerged worldwide, a quick responsive television is what you need. LG OLED TV has proven to be quite responsive by reducing lag during operation. A quick response coupled up with a high-quality resolution has proven to be ideal for today’s gamers.

Fast response is also considered an asset when you connect external devices to your television. This enables the smooth processing of information from external sources and ensures a better entertainment experience for you.

5. Motion precision

Previously, older television models would delay switching frames during movies or live games. The effect of this was distorted imagery, which ruined the entire experience. For example, watching a high-speed car chase would have been a nightmare. LG OLEDs come with an a9 intelligent processor that adapts with every input.

Additionally, the TV can upscale standard images up to 4K clarity regardless of the input. You will feel like part of the action every time you watch content on these impressive panels. Finally, you also get a refresh rate of 120Hz. AS a result, image transition is near perfect.

6. Pricing

Do you look at the price first before understanding the specifications of the product? If your answer is yes, then LG has got you covered. Despite offering arguably one of the best technology in television, LG OLEDs are fairly priced.

You do not need to take a second mortgage to get one of these units. Depending on the size that you desire, you can get this television at a very affordable price. You can get some of the latest models from prices starting at $ 1,200.

7. Product availability

LG Electronics Inc. is the second-largest manufacturer of television in the world. A quick survey of your neighborhood will uncover an LG distributor in the midst. Their outlet stores are found in almost every country globally, ensuring their proximity to customers. Additionally, most outlets offer delivery services, meaning you do not have to lift a finger to snap yourself a unit.

LG also has an online presence. You can access their website and make an order of the product of your choice at the comfort of your home or mobile phone.

Parting Shot

We believe that LG OLED TV is the television of the future. The features available to you leave little to argue against. Furthermore, their global presence makes it easier for you to sample their newest products closer to home. LG OLEDs are also one of the most favorably priced televisions in the market. This is in comparison to the new releases from other manufacturers.

So, if you are looking to up the ante on your TV game, 2021 is the year for LG OLEDs. Finally, keep popping by to get your latest scoop on what is new in the LED space.

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