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What Brand TV Is Best to Buy? Beautiful Images and Size

A simple question may result in a plethora of answers. These may vary from the utterly absurd to some real genuine answers. However, there are some products that outrightly outshine their peers. Televisions occupy this elite class of products. Despite there being hundreds of brands to choose from, what brand TV is best to buy? Winning by a mile is the LG CX OLED.

You may be wondering how is this different for other LG OLEDs of last year? However, judging by the specs from LG’s announcement, there is a lot of promise. But how many times have manufacturers promised utopia and delivered utter shambles? So, after agreeing on five key parameters and a few phone calls, here is what makes it a winner.

Is it pageant-worthy?

Last year’s LGs were just bland on design. The component section was entirely way back and made for an awkward side view. However, LG took this to heart and made some great changes. The TV is on a diet, and the back is only a few millimeters deep. It still maintains the trademark silver central stand. But it complements your décor well by meshing with the screen seamlessly. 

what brand of TV is best to buy

In terms of connections, consider yourself sorted. You get 4 HDMI inputs, featuring HDMI 2.1 technology and capable of data transfer at 40 gigabytes per second. Additionally, they can take image inputs of 3840 X 2160 pixels at 120 Hz refresh rates. You also get 3 USB ports, an RF Tuner out, and an optical audio output.

what brand TV is best to buy?

The TV is available in a variety of sizes. You can opt for the lowly 48-Inch if you are feeling modest, or go all out and get the stunning 77-Inch. Either way, you are getting an incredible and extremely capable television.

Can It Be You at Chess?

The LG CX OLED 2021 lacks not in the smart department. If you have an LG CX OLED, you have a borderline genius TV. It comes with an updated version of LG’s proprietary webOS. You also get Freeview HD in there when you lose interest in online streaming. There is a ton of apps to choose from, covering everything from your kids’ homeschooling to exclusive content from the box office. The interface is easy to navigate, and there is additional security through the TV’s in-built parental control. 

It also got a lot fancier with a sneaky sports integration feature that updates you on broadcasts and scores from your favorite sports. Home hub continues to get better each year. Other than an interface facelift, you can now customize it to match your preferences. Remember those pesky recommendations that were popping up for shows you did even watch? They are gone. You can now customize how often you receive them. Finally, thinQ AI is now better at identifying and sharing notifications on the latest shows.

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Are You at the Premiere of a Movie Each Time?

The LG CX OLED is a self-lighting OLED. Basically, the LEDs on the screen work independently and emit light separately. The TV has the most stunning graphics from any TV currently in the market. You will feel like part of the cast when watching a movie and be the savior of the masses in a first-person shooter. The graphics processing on this device is near perfect. The Alpha a9 Gen 4 processor works its butt off to offer you sub-one millisecond lag times.

which tv brand is best to buy?

Additionally, the processor can upscale content to 4K quality without any fuss. Dolby Vision, HDR 10, and HLG all work in sync to offer you the most stunning visuals. The independent LEDs also help with picture quality. Since they work independently, you can anticipate very immersive imagery from this screen.

There are also additional picture modes to sample out. Filmmaker mode allows you to watch movies as the director intends. If you did not know, films are generally shot at higher resolutions than what you get on your TV. In fact, they are shot at 4096 X 2160, which is almost 150% of what your TV is capable of. Regardless, the TV renders every image spectacularly to bring you the best cinematic experience.

The second is Dolby Vision IQ. Essentially, the lighting conditions in your room change with every viewing. In this mode, the TV adjusts automatically to give you a consistent picture throughout. The TV puts all its HDR technology and light sensors to compute the viewing environment to change the viewing settings automatically. Unfortunately, you do not get HDR 10+ with this model. It is a downer considering other premium brands all have it included.

Will You Mortgage Your House for It?

Sadly, the LG CX OLED is not the cheapest in the market. You will not break the bank entirely, but you will go down a few thousand. Prices vary from store to store. However, the difference is not that substantial. You may score a deal or two, but these a few and far between. You may try in a couple of months, though, as is evident with all new releases.

How About the Competition?

For a fair competition, you need to check what the others are doing. There are some worthy competitors like the Samsung Q90T and the Sony A8H OLED. Both offer lots of promise in their usability, pricing, and design. However, the picture quality and ever-intuitive LG webOS trump all that stand in its path.

Anything You Should Worry About?

Sadly, the sound can be a little wonky. As you pump up the bass, you may notice some slight distortion. It may not be an issue if you get a decent soundbar. After all, why would you purchase a premium TV with matching sound accessories to match? Finally, our UK readers will still need to wait for UK-based apps. There is still no update on catch-up apps such as All 4 and BBC iPlayer.


There is nothing such as the perfect device. However, you can notice when a company puts its all into pleasing you. LG has certainly done that with its new line of 2021 releases. Despite multiple releases across their model lines, the LG CX OLED is what stands out.


  1. 65 inch seems to match the physical size of my livingroom. I’m torn on which user interface backed into the tv do I want. I’ve tried out boxes an toggles covering fire tv, Google tv and Android tv. What really matters to me is how does each handle the antenna. Very few reviews and you tubes cover this aspect. Hence no movement on my part.

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