Westinghouse Review 2022 –Not Worth Your Time

When I was buying my first TV, I didn’t think much about the features or the brand. After all, a TV is just a TV. At least that’s what I thought, so naturally, I went for the first brand that promised me excellent TV viewing, aka Westinghouse TV. But, as they say, experience is the best teacher, and let’s just say my life was never the same again. The numerous calls and endless trips to the customer care desk were just the tips of the iceberg when it came to this TV. So, finally, I just threw it away, and my love for TVs was born. So, to save you money and tons of frustrations, here’s my honest Westinghouse TV review.

Is the Westinghouse TV worth it?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for in a TV. While they offer competitive prices and excellent features, their functionality is questionable. After looking at some of the most recent TVs, this Westinghouse review will tell you what we found out.

Let’s take a look.


Like every other TV brand, Westinghouse has invested in a range of TV sizes to meet different customers’ requirements. You will find anything from 24 to 75-inch TVs, so you can pick whatever size you desire. Like other brands, the larger the size, the higher the TV price. However, Westinghouse TVs have a catch because they are usually way cheaper than other brands, which is tempting for most people, especially if you don’t have much money to spend on a TV.


Of course, Westinghouse is going to invest in smart and android TV. In fact, they have launched different smart and android TVs in an attempt to enhance your experience. They even use the Roku TV interface that supposedly allows you to stream shows since it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Additionally, you can connect your phone to the screen for easier control. The larger sizes (40 inches and above) have 4k display panels. Also, they come with voice recognition which is cool to have.

But, don’t let all these shiny things fool you. From what we found out, these excellent features are a short time consolation. For example, many consumers have complained of the inability to connect to the internet owing to a complicated system. And when they finally get connected, the TVs consume huge amounts of data within such a short time that it’s just frustrating.

It gets worse. The so-called 4k screens have no deep black colors, come with poor viewing angles, and have a skewed color spectrum. In short, if you’re looking for an HDR TV that you can watch from different sitting positions, Westinghouse isn’t for you.


Westinghouse TVs chassis consists of plastic and are mostly black. It’s slim and smooth, and you can mount it in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. However, the design is basic and simple; therefore not suitable if you want something sophisticated. It has HDMI and VGA ports where you can connect a range of devices, including your phone. 

But, don’t get too excited because these ports will wear out within six months and if you’re lucky, one year. When it comes to the sound for these TVs, saying its poor quality is an understatement. From the online reviews we looked at and my experience, the sound is terrible, and you have to use a soundbar or external speakers.

Some cases are extreme, where you wake up one day and your TV has no sound. For instance, one customer had to replace her TV when the sound failed, and to her shock, the new one worked for a few months and then went mute. What followed was a series of back and forth with her local vendor, and she finally gave up.

How long do Westinghouse TVs last?

Not long. If I were to give it a lifespan in terms of years, I’d say you will only use this TV for three years, if you are lucky. We’ve gathered that most of these TVs will work well between six and 24 months. Beyond there, you’ll experience a myriad of issues one after the other. The most common cases involve failing to turn it on and the TV going mute on you. 

You leave your TV working perfectly, but you find it dead the next time you try switching it on. Other problems include displaying incomplete pictures or nothing at all. In other cases, the TV keeps turning on and off on its own. While you can rectify most TVs with simple troubleshooting procedures with Westinghouse, it’s a long shot that’s not worth your time. 

To make it worse, customer care rarely helps, even when you’re within the warranty period. You’ll keep writing unanswered emails and making unending phone calls until you give up. If you’re lucky to get a reply, it will come with numerous requirements to have your TV checked. 

For instance, you have to send the TV back in its original box accompanied by the original purchase receipt. If you have no patience for unresponsive and frustrating customer care personnel, save yourself the energy and try another TV brand that lasts longer. 

An image showing negative customer feedback
Westinghouse has the worst customer service on top of terrible TVs

Who manufactures Westinghouse?

Tsinghua Tongfang, a Chinese-state owned company, manufactures the Westinghouse TVs. This could explain the poor quality products under such a big brand. The original Westinghouse digital LLC performed exceptionally for selling quality at low prices. This was until it went bankrupt in 2010, and the company is only trading on its good name. 

It’s now known as Westinghouse electronics under Tsinghua Tongfang, who’s licensed to trade under the name. The company manufactures all the parts, including the chassis and panels. Westinghouse manufactures some of the cheapest TVs with excellent features. However, this could be the only way to lure consumers into buying poor quality products. 

The display may be perfect during purchase, but with time it becomes skewed and sometimes disappears completely. The sound is poor quality, and the only way to enjoy viewing is by using a soundbar or external speakers. Worse still, you might sleep only to wake up to a dead TV. This, coupled with frustrating customer care, and outrageous return policies, should be enough to keep you away from these TVs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Westinghouse a good TV brand?

Westinghouse TV is only good if you’re looking for a cheap short time TV. This is because they develop problems within a short time, and trying to have them repaired or exchanged will just leave you more frustrated.

Why does my Westinghouse TV keep blinking on and off?

If it’s an LCD TV, it could be due to regular power-saving settings.  That said, Westinghouse TVs mostly develop problems where they keep turning on and off. Sometimes they completely fail to turn on even with common troubleshooting problems.

Is Westinghouse TV durable?

No. Westinghouse TVs can only serve you for utmost three years if you’re fortunate enough to get a good one. Otherwise, most can only serve you for one year and others for as little as two months.

Do Westinghouse TVs have a warranty?

Yes. Most stores provide a warranty for Westinghouse TVs, but the warranty doesn’t hold much water. The best option is to stay as far away from these TVs as possible unless you want a cheap TV that will only serve you for six months or less.

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