Samsung UN65J6200 Review – Is Twice The Price Worth Half The Life?

The Samsung UN65J6200 is one of Samsung’s earlier smart TVs. It is part of the series of TVs that were released in 2015, along with other models such as the J6300 and H1750. Following our un65j6200 review, we find out why it disappeared as quickly as it came.

The Smart TV platform is run by Tizen Os, but the lack of a processor makes it sluggish. Limited connection ports also work against this TV, thereby earning it a weak 4 out of 10.

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Picture Quality Despite the TV being an old model, it delivers impressive picture quality. The Wide Color Enhancer technology allows for images to appear brighter and sharper.Design The TV has a simplistic design as compared to other models in the same class. The central stand is unstable and appears as if it was made from cheap plastic.
Smart TV apps When you compare it with other TVs of the same year, it offers more variation in the number of apps that you can download.Smart TV Interface The on-board processor is slow and there is significant lag when switching between apps.
 Price The price is ridiculously expensive. You can get a 4K TV at $500 that has way more features such as the Element E4AA65R Roku Smart TV.

The unit is no longer in production. However, you can still purchase a brand new one from selected retailers.

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Key features of the Samsung UN65J6200


The unit has a 65” screen that features LED-backlit technology. With a resolution of 1080p, images are crisp and clear, all culminating in a pleasant viewing experience. The upscaling function on the TV also works well. It makes standard definition pictures appear sharper, as compared to other TVs of the same year.

un65j6200 reviews

The glossy finish of the screen does reflect some light. Samsung should have done a better job with the antiglare function. But, given the limited antiglare, this TV is more suitable for darker rooms. The viewing angle is horrible for a flat panel TV, with only a 30-degree allowance on either side.

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Smart TV capabilities

The UN 65J6200 runs the Tizen Os 2014, powered by a Hawk-F quad-core processor. It features a neat interface that allows you to find apps easily. However, the processor struggles to perform when running heavy apps such as KODI. Other models like the Samsung J6300 perform much better, despite them being predecessors of this model.


The design of the TV is decent. The glossy shine on the frame gives it a sort of posh look but nothing too wow. The frame around the screen is of ample width and does not interfere with the viewing experience. The plastic appears cheap, and the decision to use a central bezel stand raises a lot of questions. The TV is fairly unstable for a TV that weighs close to 30 kilos. You are better off mounting the unit instead rather than placing it on a TV stand.


un65j6200 reviews

The unit offers 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports, which are decent for a 2015 model. However, this limits the number of devices that you can connect to the TV, making it not ideal for multi-usage. It comes with a LAN port that allows you to connect with the internet fairly easily. The Wi-Fi reception is also very good, and it will pick up networks as far as 100 meters away.

Audio output

The sound output of this TV gets its power from Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 codecs. However, these do little to enhance the performance of the 2-10 watt speakers on the TV. It does not produce quality sound, and you need to raise the volume high to hear anything. However, increasing the volume also causes distortion, and the speakers sound as if they are heaving. The only way to experience the power of the codecs is by adding an external audio device.

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Technical specifications

Model NumberUN65J6200
Screen Sizes65’’
PlacementPlastic Square Stand VESA Back Panel 400 X 400 mm
Screen Resolution1920 X 1080 Full HD 1080p
Refresh Rate120 Hz                                 
Smart TVYes Hawk-MF Quad Core Processor Tizen Os
Connections2 HDMI Ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports.
1 Optical Audio Out.
1 Satellite In. 1 Ethernet port.
1 AV Component In. 1 AV Composite In. 1 3.5 mm Audio Out Wi-Fi, DLNA
Audio2 X 10 watts.
DTS Premium Sound 5.1 Support. Dolby Digital Plus
Power SupplyAC 110 – 120 volts / 210 – 220 volts
Size                                                                                      58.40 X 33.90 X 3.799 inches.
Weight29.1 kg
Extra Accessories1 Standard remote. 1 multilingual User Manual.

What is the best use of the Samsung UN65J6200?

During this un65j6200 review, we tested the unit with different devices. We came to the conclusion that this TV works best with DVD players and Cable boxes. However, you can also use it for gaming if you do not mind a little bit of input lag. It is not as bad as in other models. But, Samsung could have done better to reduce the response time to under 30ms for the present 65.6ms.

Where can I buy the Samsung UN65J6200 television sets?

You can purchase the Samsung UN65J6200 for the following online stores:

 The model is available in the following sizes 40”, 50”, 55”, 60”, and 65”.

Alternative models to the Samsung UN65J6200

Samsung UN65J6300

The J6300 is a better alternative to the J6200. The J6300 has a faster processor, which makes running the Smart TV interface a lot smoother. It comes with Micro Dimming Technology, which enhances the picture quality by getting rid of halos around images and widening the contrast ratio. On connectivity, the JS6300 has the following additions:

  • 4 X HDMI ports
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
UN65J6200 review

The design of the J6300 is also more appealing. You get a V-Shaped bezel stand that is more stable than the square base of the J6200. It is also lighter as compared to the J6200, weighing in at 28 kilos, without the stand. Just like the J6200, the J6300 is no longer in production. However, there are still units available from select stores

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Smart TV technology continues improving each year. With all the flaws we identified during this UN65J6200 review, it would make sense to invest in more recent models rather than dwelling in the past. 

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