SONY KD50X690E Review: Great Price And Decent Images

The Sony KD50 is a 4K HDR-enabled smart TV from the X690 product range. It has been in production since 2015 and is Sony’s attempt to tempt buyers to adopt their 4k Series TV sets. However, do not expect very high performance with its smart TV features. It works from a Linux Os meaning the apps are only dependent on availability.

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You do get an LED display that can support up 4096 X 2160 resolution depending on the input. The set functions perfectly as a multi-use monitor for regular viewing, gaming, and movies. But, we only give a score of 4 out of 10 for this KD50X690E review. Read on to find out why.

SONY KD50X690E Review
•At less than $600, the TV is a bargain for 4K picture quality and HDR capability.
Picture Quality
• Des•Despite the 4K capability, the viewing angle is limited.
•The lack of antiglare capability further adds to the display woes of the TV.
•MotionFlow XR is only at 60Hz, whereas the industry standard is 120Hz
Multi-use Capability
•You still get the same display clarity regardless of the input. Works very well with your DVD player, gaming console, and digital TV set-top box.
Smart TV Capabilities
•The Linux Os limits the number of apps that you have access to.
•The user interface is very basic and does not offer the clean feel that most TVs have.
•Connecting to the television’s WiFi direct is a pain. You have to disconnect from all other networks.
• The TV is too heavy as compared to most sets available to the market. At a mammoth 14 kg, you need to be a decent powerlifter to get this onto the TV Stand.

Key features of the Sony KD50X690E

1. Display

The LED screen makes for crisp viewing, thanks to the X-Reality Pro technology, regardless of the input. It has a huge contrast spectrum allowing for colors to be displayed vividly. There are some drawbacks to the display capability of the TV, though. It lacks antiglare capability meaning you need a dark room for best viewing. Despite being 4K-enabled, it is only up to 60 Hz which is a bummer. Other TVs in this price range feature 120Hz for 4K such as the Samsung MU6300 series.

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2. Smart TV capabilities

The smart TV capabilities are mediocre at best. It works on a Linux platform that is limited in the number of apps that you can download. Netflix and YouTube come pre-installed, which at least makes up for the limitations.

The user interface is extremely basic and makes it look like an after-thought. The opera mini browser was a poor choice. Unless you are familiar with how to use it, you will incur quite the learning curve. The limitation in Smart TV capability is expected though, given the low price.

3. Design

The TV is 14 kg which is unacceptable, as compared to others in the same category. It is also quite thick with a measurement of 8.6 cm. The plastic used has a cheap feel, representing poor build quality.

SONY KD50X690E Review Connections and display of Sony tv

4. Connectivity

The presence of 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports are a good indication that this is a multi-use television set. However, when mounted to the wall, you may find it difficult to connect devices to the back of the TV. It also has WiFi and Ethernet capability which is great, but the WiFi sometimes drops, indicating an underlying issue with the receiver.

5. Technical specifications

The specifications listed below are for the 50-inch model.

Model numberKD-50X690E
ColorBlack with Plastic Stand
Screen size50″
Screen resolution3840 X 2160
Refresh rate50/60Hz
Connections3 HDMI Ports with 1 ARC, 3 USB ports
1 Digital Optical Audio Out.
1 Coaxial connector.
1 Ethernet port.
1 Shared Component In.
1 Shared Composite In.
1 Audio 3.5 mm
Audio2×10 Watts
DTS Premium Sound 5.1 Support
Power SupplyAC 110 – 120 volts / 210 – 220 volts
Operating SystemLinux
Size1124 X 657 X 83 mm
Extra accessoriesAC Power cord
2 AA batteries
User Manual with quick setup guide
Remote Control
Table Top Stand

Alternative models to the Sony Bravia KD50X690E

1. TCL 55S425

By far the best alternative to any of the TVs in the sub $200 range. It comes pre-loaded with the ROKU smart TV software, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. The picture quality is not that great as compared to the rest, but you can ignore all this based on all the other great features. You get 3 HDMI ports which make it easy to hook up multiple devices at once. The TV comes in various screen sizes ranging from 43’’ to 75’’.

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Samsung MU6300

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung MU6300 is a better option than the Sony KD50X690E. In fact, it’s much better than the average 4k smart LED TV, although it’s not very extravagant per se. The Samsung MU6300 has sharp images, quality design, and decent audio compared to the Sony Bravia. The connections are on a single panel at the back. You get 3 HDMI ports, an ARC port, 2 USB ports, and an Optical TOSLink port. If you are fond of using the internet, you can connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and use Bluetooth to connect your wireless speakers and headphones. This TV is available in 32” to 75”.


The SONY Bravia KD50X690E is a decent first investment if you are looking to experience 4K resolution. It performs fairly well for the price that you pay, but you will need to add some extra accessories if you want to experience more functionality.

It has been in production since 2015 when smart TVs were still in their infancy, which explains why the specs are iffy. Sony has since come out with much better models. Although this KD50X690E review has been insightful, you are better off considering these rather than the KD 50. What works against this television is weight. It is too heavy and the design appears cheap. That is why it does not make it to the list of recommended buys.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my WiFi signal keep dropping all the time?

You will experience some challenges when connecting to WiFi. Connect the TV to the internet using an Ethernet cable to experience a more stable connection.

2. Why can’t I access the Google PlayStore?

The Sony KD50X690E comes pre-installed with Linux Os which is an independent software platform from Google. You can connect your gaming console with the TV to access Android Os. Why can’t I access the Google PlayStore?

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