Sony Bravia XBR65850D 65’’ 4K Smart TV Review: Versatile and Beautiful Images

The Sony XBR65850D is part of the Bravia series of televisions from the Japanese manufacturer. It has been in production since 2016, with sales being consistent ever since. The TV is targeted for the mid and high-end markets globally but has performed exceptionally well in Europe, Asia, and The USA. The technical specifications do vary depending on the country where the TV is for sale. For example, you get 3 HDMI ports if you buy the TV in America and two for other markets. The TV functions well as a multi-use unit as you can leverage the 4K technology of the screen to power your live TV, gaming, and Online Streaming.  

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The X850D series comes in four screen sizes 55’’, 65’’, 75’’ and 85’’. The features remain the same throughout the series, except for the 85 inch, which features a VA panel compared to the IPS-based LCD panels in the other models. The TVs are no longer in production, with newer models now available such as the A9G, which feature an OLED screen. You can still purchase the Sony Bravia XBR65850D from selected retailers.

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What we liked and what didn’t impress

Design The XBR65850D is a beautiful set to have around the home. It features a futuristic black design that is simple yet offers great cable management.  Display Given the improvements in TV technology, the TV has a low contrast ratio and there is a slight lag with 4k input. Although it supports HDR10, it is still not up to par with the latter models from Sony
Smart TV Functionality Running on the android platform, the number of apps you have access to, is phenomenal.Local Dimming There is very poor local dimming technology on this TV. Blacks appear gray in a dark room.
Viewing Angle You can pretty much watch this TV from any angle with minimal distortion to the picture quality. 

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Key features of the Sony Bravia X850D 65’’ Smart TV


The thin frame around the viewing panel, 1.3 centimeters, offers a display area of around 94%, which is decent for most TVs from this era. You also get a viewing angle of 178 degrees on either side, making it a great TV for the living room. The screen is based on In-plane switching technology, which allows for colors to be displayed more vividly and at a wider viewing angle than other screens. The TV comes with Motion Blur technology and HDR10, which makes for great viewing for fast pictures from Live TV sports and games. However, the lack of local dimming works against the display, meaning the TV cannot be used effectively in dark rooms.

The 4K technology runs on the processor X1 engine and also features X-Reality Pro Upscaler. These help in offering clearer and cleaner images, regardless of the video source. Although the technology is good, it still offers quite a high lag when viewing 4K content from streaming apps. The inclusion of Sony’s proprietary Triluminos display technology also offers a wide color range of around one billion colors. Overall, the TV works better than other models we reviewed from the same year.

Antiglare capabilities

Bright lights do not disturb the TV as such. The Screen can regulate the amount of brightness that the screen displays with minimal effort.

3D Capability

Unfortunately, the X850 series does not feature any 3D capability. However, the X930D model of the same year has this capability.

Smart TV capabilities

The Smart TV features run on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. You get tons of app to choose from, aside from the standard Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and HBO Go. The interface features a lot of clutter and can sometimes make it harder to find your favorite apps. You do get lots of recommendations from Sony on what Apps to get, which can become annoying. The onboard dual-core ARM Cortex-A17 processor is competent. It runs the system flawlessly, and you do not experience any lags when navigating through the interface.

The remote comes with dedicated Voice Search, Google Play, and Netflix buttons. However, as in previous models, it is still too packed and not very user friendly. You also get access to the Sony TV app that allows you to directly purchase both 4K and HDR content from Sony’s catalog. Screencasting is also available through Google Cast. It offers you greater casting ability from a multitude of apps directly from your phone.

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The XBR65850D’s design is sleek, as is standard with most Sony models from 2016. At only 4.4 centimeters at its thickest point, the TV is very slim, comparing it to other brands in the same category. The stand is a huge central base that is quite sturdy. Although the TV can wobble a bit, given the stand and the TV’s connection is way thinner than the base. You do get an allowance for a 300 X 300 mm VESA mount allowance. However, mounting the TV flush on the wall will limit your access to the manual controls at the back of the TV.

The option to go with a power brick still baffles. It is too bulky and will require a wider than normal table-top to accommodate it. Finally, Sony did well to switch the plastic for the metal in the design. It makes the TV look posh and fits well with varying decors.


With 4 HDMI 2.0 and 3 USB ports, you can connect to the set plenty of devices. You also get a 3.5mm audio out jack should you want to connect your native home theatre system. The TV comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which is more than what other similar models of the same price range offer. DLNA and HDMI-CEC connectivity are also on offer, with the latter courtesy of BRAVIA Sync technology. All the ports are on the right side of the TV, with only the component in, video in, and digital optical audio out on the back.

Audio output

The TV chucks its sound from 2 X 10-Watt downward-firing speakers located on either side. Dolby 5.1 audio codecs power them. However, these do not do well at high volume. You do get lots of harmonic distortion and pumping when cranking up the volume to maximum levels. If you really want to experience proper sound, you are better off getting an external audio system.

Ease of use

The XBR65850D is extremely user-friendly. There are not many complications in terms of setting it up and using the smart TV interface. If you have a phone that runs the Android Nougat OS, you can easily navigate the Smart TV platform. The Voice Search button at the top of the TV is also a useful addition. Once you activate it from the settings option, you can speak your commands, and the TV will do the rest.

Technical specifications

The specifications listed below are for the 65-inch model.

Model NumberXBR-65X850D
Dimensions145.4 X 84.2 X 4.4 cm
Weight20.3 Kilograms
4K capabilityYes
Ultra High Definition from an LED Backlit IPS LCD panel
4K Processor X1™ & 4K X-Reality™ Pro HDR10
Screen Resolution3840 X 2160 pixels at 120 Hz
Smart FunctionalityAndroid Nougat 7.0 Dual Core ARM Cortex-A17 processor Tri Core ARM Mali-T624 MP3 16 GB Internal Storage
Bluetooth Wi-Fi DLNA Wi-Fi Direct
Connections4 HDMI 2.0 with ARC, HDMI-CEC, and MHL
2 USB 2.0 & 1 USB 3.0 1 Ethernet port 1 Satellite In 1 IR Out 1 3.5mm Audio Jack 1 AV Composite In 1 AV Component In 1 Optical Audio Out
Audio2 10-Watt Built-In Speakers DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse Bass Reflex
Power Supply100 – 120 Volt
TV PlacementTable top detachable central stand VESA Mount allowance 300 X 300 mm
In the box1 Voice Remote with Batteries 1 Power Brick with cables and cable ties 1 User Manual 1 IR extender cable 1 Child Safety Manual

Who buys the Sony X850D 4K UHD Smart TV models?

The TV works great as a primary TV set for many homes, thanks to its wide viewing angles. It is also suitable for online streaming, a gaming monitor, and a PC monitor.

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Where can I buy Sony XBR65850D?

Getting a new Sony XBR65850D can be difficult as more recent models are now available. However, you can still purchase it either new or used from these stores:

Electronic Express

SONY Premium Home

Alternative models to the Bravia XBR65850D Series.

TCL 6-Series 2020 Roku TV

The TV features a metallic finish that complements your entertainment room décor well. The stands on the frame offer a sturdier base, and you can adjust them to your best liking. The image quality is far better as compared to the Sony. HDR and local dimming work perfectly, ensuring the TV is usable in all settings. You also get a dedicated gaming mode on the TV. It provides the smooth running of your games with no lag between frames.

It comes with the latest version of Roku as its smart TV platform. You have access to thousands of apps, all offering various content in HDR and 4K quality. The remote is very simple to use. It has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Sling. Other functions included on the remote are a voice search button, which you can use along with the Roku App for browsing through channels.

There are few flaws, though, with this set. You do not have an HBO Max app, meaning you miss out on specific shows. The low light dimming function can also be erratic at times. The bright light under the TCL logo is also annoying and will stay off when you turn off the TV. The TV is available in screen sizes of 55’’, 65’’, and 75’’.

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VIZIO 65’’ Quantum M65Q7-H1

The VIZIO M65Q7-H1 is a 4K-enabled TV that features an LED-backlit screen powered by the proprietary Quantum Color technology. You get life-like image quality at close to ten times that from other models in the same class. HDR10+ allows for better gaming and streaming with no lag at all. The Smart TV interface is run by Vizio SmartCast, enabling you to access Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus as standards apps on the system. Unlike previous models in the M Series, the set is compatible with most voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. With a refresh rate of 360 Hz, the TV punches above its class in every single way.

Unfortunately, the TV does not feature Bluetooth connectivity. You also get one USB port as compared to the three in the Sony and TCL.

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Sony Bravia XBR65X900H

The TV has the same features as the XBR65850D. However, you will notice significant functionality improvements. The Motion blur now works impeccably, reducing lag times to nearly zero. There is also support for Apple devices. Other significant improvements are in the sound quality. You now have more precise surround sound due to the more recent DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Audio codecs. More apps are now available as pre-installed from the manufacturer, including CBS All Access, Showtime, and Starz.

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The Sony XBR65850D is an excellent TV for its time. But, newer models have made some of its features obsolete. Its discontinuation in 2018 also means it can be challenging to get a new set from most retailers. The TV scores a solid 7 out of 10, given its usability, design, and price.

Frequently Asked Questions of the XBR65850D.

What models have replaced the XBR65850D?

Sony makes it a point to release a new series at least once every year. Here are some of the newer models from the Sony line up.

Sony 65’’ A9G Master Series OLED 4K UHD

Sony 65’’ Class A8H Series 4K OLED Smart TV


I lost my remote control for the X850D series. How do I access functions on my TV?

You can always connect a keyboard and mouse for use with the smart TV interface. You can also get replacement remotes from retailers near you.

How do I perform Software Updates on my X850 Series TV?

Software updates download automatically when the TV is on standby. Ensure the setting on your TV and that you agree to the new Sony Privacy Policies.

Does Sony still offer repairs for discontinued models?

Yes. You can get this done at your local authorized distributor of Sony products.

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