Sharp Lc-58q7370u Review (Excellent Resolution at a Reasonable Cost)

Most people desire to own an ultra-high-definition 4K smart television with 120HZ display panel, but not all can meet its high price. Nevertheless, if you are on a budget and searching for a HDR 4K television, this Sharp lc-58q7370u review is the right answer for you.

The refresh rate of the Sharp lc-58q7370u panel is 60HZ. However, the manufacturer embeds Motion Rate 120 through which makes the refresh rate gets bumped. It gives a better view by decreasing the motion blur. For its friendly price ranging from $379 to $549 (USD), it is difficult to get a real 120HZ refresh rate.

But, thank this sharp television because you have a smooth high refresh rate at a moderate price. While Sharp lc-58q7370u is a cheaper 4K HDTV that is HDR10 compatible, you will experience significant improvement beyond the standard dynamic range.

The main advantage of the Sharp lc-58q7370u is that it comes in a big size at a favorable price. Again, it has many ports; 3 HDMI inputs that support HDMI 2.0 and are ARC and HDMI CEC compatible. With the Roku built-in and the 4K resolution, you can watch the videos you like comfortably. It also comes with a USB input to provide you with more source’s flexibility.

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Sharp Lc-58q7370u Review side view

4K Resolution

Sharp lc-58q7370u comes with a 4K resolution, which gives you the clearest and sharpest screen that can stream 4K videos as well. You get to watch your favorite movies in more detail and texture. This resolution also means that you get to see the images looking as real to the eyes as possible.

Not forgetting to mention the fact that it can upscale any non-4K videos to screen compatibility. Compared to an ordinary HD TV, Sharp lc-58q7370u offers you 8.3 million pixels; this is huge in terms of definition and picture quality. You can finally say goodbye to low-resolution televisions.

HDR Compatible

What is the essence of a HD TV that does not give you impeccable image detail? Well, we know how frustrating it can get straining to see the exact item being held by an actor in that climax scene. This Sharp lc-58q7370u review proves to you the perfection that this TV brings out for you to watch film in a relaxed mood.

This TV is HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible. It improves the variety of colors and contrasts substantially, providing you with as much detail on every image as possible. HDR creates enhanced, dynamic-looking pictures through boosting contrast and brightness, giving you more than what is in the recent 1080p displays.

Roku built-in

Roku delivers Sharp lc-58q7370u’s smart technology. Do you know what this means? The premium Roku services come with the screen, so grab some popcorn and prepare for some binge-watching. Apart from Roku services, you also have the liberty to stream other services, around 4,000 of them, including Netflix and YouTube. It means more fun if you love watching movies and sports.

Sharp Lc-58q7370u Review display

DTS Studio Sound

A TV with unbearable sound is extremely irritating. You almost cringe after turning it on. The Sharp lc-58q7370u comes with two speakers of 10 watts. This output is further improved by DTS, refining the whole quality and loudness of these speakers. But the sound may get distorted when the volume is high; thus, it can restrict the upper limit you can listen. To solve this, get a small soundbar for the TV, and you are good to go.

120 Motion Rate

If you love watching action films or fast-moving videos, Sharp lc-58q7370u can take care of this. With its high refresh rate, this TV minimizes the blurring on images for you to watch your sports, videos, and action movies without wondering what scene you missed.


With Sharp lc-58q7370u TV, you can connect your Wi-Fi or Ethernet whichever you prefer. This connectivity gives you unlimited access to different stream services where you can watch all the movies or football matches that you like. Besides enjoying watching your favorites, your child can use it for learning since it is easy to access the various learning platforms in crystal clear detail.

It has3HDMI inputs making its connectivity more enhanced. If you want to connect the gaming system and have an exciting experience with the fine images, then this is your perfect fit. You can also connect a Blu-ray disk player or cable to this HDTV. It also has 1 USB antenna input making it more flexible to your different sources. The sharp TV comes with a 3.55mm headphone jack serving you the entertainment in a superb way. compare it with the Sharp LC-58LE45IU.

If you have some lovely music on your phone you want to listen to through the Sharp lc-58q7370u, it can be disappointing since it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. But still, with all the other connectivity alternatives and at its friendly price, you can be sure it is a good deal that is rare to find.

Sharp Lc-58q7370u Review back view


Ever had an experience with a complex TV that requires consulting an expert from the installation point to operation? It bores and wastes time. Our Sharp lc-58q7370u review reveals that setting up a TV has never gotten any easier and faster than this. You can set this up with less effort and get it ready for your family to watch in no time.

In case you have a get-together, and you have that one favorite family program, do not worry sharp lc-58q7370u have you covered. It is large enough to give everyone in the room a great watching experience. It also comes with a simple remote, making it easier to operate it.

Are you looking for a HDTV with a high resolution at a reasonable price? Our Sharp lc-58q7370u review presents this exceptional TV. It is a high-end 4K and is HDR10 compatible with a 120HZ refresh rate. It gives you crystal clear images in a high dynamic range. The connectivity of this TV is on another level. It has 3HDMI, Wi-Fi, 1USB, among others. The sharp lc-58q7370u comes with two speakers of 10watts with DTS, which enhances its sound. It is easy to install and operate, making it more comfortable to use. Ultimately, you will have a high-resolution TV at a friendly price without compromising much.

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