Is the Sharp LC-58Q7370U LED TV Worth Buying?

When you switch on your TV, you want to see a crisp image and hear perfect sound without distortions. That’s how you bring the movie theatres home when watching your favorite films or bring the club to your house when listening to music. With that in mind, is Sharp LC-58Q7370U TV worth buying? Is the picture resolution, sound, and overall experience worth what you will be spending? To find out, let’s consider this LED TV’s features, pros, and cons.

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Sharp LC-58Q7370U LED TV Product overview

This Roku powered Sharp initially makes ultra-high-definition TV, and it comes with a maximum 4K resolution. The HDR comes with a total sound output of 30 watts, which is descent. If you love streaming videos online, you are in luck. Because it has Roku built-in and 4K resolution, you can comfortably watch your favorite videos. It has a smooth high refresh rate and connects multiple devices and storage media either through HDMI 1, 2, or 3. The LC-58Q7370U LED TV also has a USB input to offer more flexibility of source.

ROKU powered LED TV

Sharp LC-58q7370u Features

4K resolution

With 4K resolution, you should expect the sharpest and clearest screen, which is what you get with the LC-58Q7370U LED TV. Compared to a regular HD TV, you get around 8.3 million pixels ich, to say the least, is enormous in terms of picture quality and definition. Having a 4K TV also means your image has more detail and texture and looks as real to the eye as possible. This feature also enables you to stream 4K videos without a glitch so you can finally ditch low-resolution goodbye. For screen compatibility, you can upscale your TV with any non 4K video screen. You may occasionally find people calling 4K Ultra HD or UHD.

HDR compatible

An LED TV should give you impeccable details on each image for you to enjoy watching. The Sharp LC-58Q7370U TV is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible TV. This technology improves the range of colors and contrast on the TV significantly to give you as much detail on each image as possible. HDR creates better, dynamic-looking pixels by boosting the contrast and brightness and providing a wider range of colors, significantly more than what’s found in the current 1080p displays.

Roku Built-in

The LC-58Q7370U LED TV, whose smart technology is provided by Roku. If you know Roku, then you can be sure that their premium services come with this screen. You will also stream services such as YouTube and Netflix, so grab your popcorn and get ready for some binge-watching.

ROKU powered LED TV LC-58Q7370U LED TV

DTS Studio Sound

Nothing is a bore than a TV with unbearable sound. You almost want to cringe when you turn it on. With the Sharp LC-58Q7370U TV, you get two 1- watts speakers whose output is further enhanced by DTS. This improves the overall quality and loudness of the speakers.

120 Motion Rate

If you love fast-moving videos or action films, you don’t have to worry about blurring images. The 120-motion rate on this LED TV ensures that the blurring on fast actions is reduced so you can watch your sports, action movies, and videos without wondering what you missed.

Technology specifications of the Sharp LC-58Q7370U LED TV

  • Manufactured by Sharp
  • Model number: LC-58Q7370U
  • Class 58’ LED screen
  • 2160p screen resolution
  • HDR, noise reduction and Ultra HD engine upscale viewing technology
  • Refresh rate: 120 Motion Rate
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Interface by Roku smart TV
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Two built-in speakers of 10 watts each
  • Weighs 33.7 pounds with stand
  • Inputs and outputs include: 3x HDMI, 1x composite, 1x USB, antenna input, 3.5mm headphone jack, 1x digital audio (optical)


  • Large enough for a great watching experience for everyone in the room
  • Breathtaking HD image
  • Access to stream services. Up to 4,000 services including Netflix ad YouTube
  • Easy to set up
  • Great sound quality


  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity
  • The sound may get distorted on high volume


With all the features you get from the Sharp LC-58Q7370U LED TV, you will be sure to enjoy excellent picture quality at high resolution. Roku has lived up to their expectations by using an easy to use interface with no complicated setup so you can start streaming asap. Although you don’t get a Bluetooth connection, you will have three HDMI inputs to make up for it. And, for the distorted sound on high volume, you may want to consider purchasing a soundbar.

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