Sharp LC-32LE451U Beautiful Aquos HD TV Free Review

When it comes to shopping for a brand new TV set, size does matter a lot. You might not know it, but the size of the display can impact how well your panel fits into your room as well as the picture and audio quality. The expression “bigger is better” actually makes a pretty reasonable guideline for deciding on TV screen size. To enjoy an immersive, theater-like viewing experience, you need a picture that fills your field of vision.

While some individuals might want a smaller, more basic option, others might like large flat-screens with the latest technology. But if you do not have space in your residing region, a too big TV will dominate the room, and you won’t be sitting far enough away to take it all in. And that’s when a smaller TV such as a 32-inch comes into the equation.

However, one thing to know about a 32-inch display panel or less typically don’t come with 4K resolution, so you will likely need to choose between a Full HD (1080p) or regular HD (720p) display panel. Here is a review of Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV, one of the best display sizing for minimalist rooms.

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Product Overview

Are you considering the Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-inch high-definition 720p television? It supported the low-cost, high-definition television market with excellent features at a reasonable price. The LC-32LE451U LED-backlit LCD TV is ultra-slim with a seemingly borderless appearance. It features a 60Hz refresh rate for precision clarity during fast-motion scenes. The integrated speakers deliver big, natural sound to complete your big-screen experience. Additionally, the AQUOS advanced pixel structure gives you crystal clear picture, brilliant color, and captivating detail.

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The TV features a native 1366 x 768 resolution and has a 60 Hz refresh rate to help minimize distortion on moving content. The Sharp AQUOS LC-32LE451U has a 32-inch diagonal display, and is designed with a direct LED backlight technology for producing rich, vibrant graphics. This panel’s 4,000,000:1 contrast ratio proves its ability to handle bright and dark viewing material.

Two HDMI and a USB port are onboard for connecting high-resolution digital devices. It comes with a video interface that acts as a video input port for connecting devices providing lower resolution content. It also features an inbuilt optical audio output for outputting digital sound to an external audio system. As an ENERGY STAR qualified TV, this model was designed for reduced power consumption and energy efficiency.

Sharp LC-32LE451U 32″ Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV Features

Sharp LC-32LE451U 32″ Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV is designed to maximize the quality of your viewing and content access experience while also providing a generally minimalist design for small-sized living rooms.

Here are several key specific technologies found in Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV.

The Sharp LC-32LE451U uses the LED Backlighting Technology to expand color gamut resulting in crispier images. LED backlight display technology is one of the “future” core technologies of LCD products.

One of the most significant benefits of the LED backlighting-powered display is that it has a long lifespan. According to research, and LED backlighting solutions may last for 50,000 hours — sometimes even more. LED backlighting technology has an incredibly long lifespan, allowing TV buyers to get more bang for their buck.

Also, LED backlighting displays are more energy-efficient. In fact, they are among the most power-saving types of backlighting. As a result, you can save money on your electricity bills when using this LED backlight tech TV.

Another positive feature of LED backlighting that’s often overlooked is its minimal heat production. All backlight panels produce some heat, and LED’s are no exception. The difference is that LEDs produce significantly less heat than other types. With minimal heat generated, it means it’s not susceptible to heat-related damages. Furthermore, this minimizes the risk of fire and explosion.

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HD 1366*768 Resolution (720p)

The 32″ diagonal display is equipped with a direct LED backlight for producing rich and vibrant images. The AQUOS panel’s advanced pixel structure, along with a native 1366 x 768 resolution, gives you a crystal-clear picture, brilliant color, and captivating detail.

The more the pixels a screen has, the greater the resolution. Higher resolutions will allow the TV to display more detail, which means movies and TV shows will look better. Most people are moving away from standard HD TVs in favor of high-definition such as Full HD and 4K Ultra HD. The 720p resolution is mostly found on smaller TVs. This is because smaller screens have smaller pixels, and most people won’t notice much loss of detail. Hence for a 32inch display, 720p will work seamlessly.

Minimalist Screen size (32 inches)

Despite display sizes getting ever bigger in recent years, 32-inch is still the preferred option for many people shopping for a new set for their living room, or an additional TV for a bedroom, kitchen or study. Not everyone has space or budget for an enormous TV. The Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV is one of the best 32-inch TVs that has made the grade for picture quality and sound quality.

If you’re looking for a TV that fit into a compact bedroom, or something that is easily hidden or moved away when not in use, or just if it’s for solo use and you don’t want it dominating the room it’s in, Sharp’s LC-32LE451U 32-Inch might be your choice. Compare its size with the Sharp Lc-58q7370u.

Motion Enhancement Technology: 60Hz Refresh Rate

It has a 60 Hz refresh rate to help minimize distortion on moving content. The 4000000:1 contrast ratio showcases its ability to handle bright and dark viewing material brilliantly. Generally speaking, 60Hz is the minimum refresh rate for good quality, solid experience from a monitor. A higher refresh rate generates smoother and more life-like video so long as the frames per second match. If you’re a gamer, the higher the refresh rate, the better. Currently, display’s refresh rates go up to a whopping 240Hz. Players need to have a fast refresh rate to keep things sharp and reaction times high. Speedier frame rates in games make them super smooth.

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Energy Star Certified

The LC-32LE451U TV qualifies to be an Energy STAR certified set. With it, you will save some bucks on your electricity bill, no matter how long you are glued on this screen. From watching movie series to late night gaming marathons, today’s televisions are a cornerstone of home entertainment. Any activity that increases screen time means increased energy use in the home, making it more critical than ever to choose an energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR certified television.

ENERGY STAR* approved televisions are, on average, 25 % more energy-efficient than their counterpart models, saving power in all usage modes: whether on sleep, idle, or on. The Energy Star Certified label is found on most electronics and TVs with the latest features such as:

  • A high dynamic range (HDR) meant for brighter highlights, wider color ranges, and excellent contrast levels.
  • Have internet connectivity, also referred to as “Smart TVs” (for access to streaming video services like Netflix or Hulu).
  • In Ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution, four times as many pixels as conventional high definition TVs, for crystal clear and life-like images.


With an increased number of digital devices such as smartphones and laptops, the need to share information and communicate with each other is necessary. The LC-32LE451U provides two HDMI ports for easy connection to high definition devices. One HDMI port supports MHL, so you can effortlessly connect any MHL-ready mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) to the TV for a big-screen viewing experience.

USB ports on display serve a variety of functions, including input for flash drives and powering electronic devices such as a TV antenna and streaming devices. You could even use it to charge your smartphone if you wanted.

However, the TV does not provide for WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

Audio system

Sound quality is a deal-breaker when it comes to buying a new TV. Display panels are getting thinner and thinner, which means there’s less room for good speakers. While the old CRT televisions included quite good speakers, modern screens are typically not loud enough to satisfy a large living room, even on the largest and most expensive models. 

The Sharp’s built-in powerful 20W speaker system delivers clear, loud sound, so all of your scenes sound great. If you’re strapped for cash or want this TV for a smaller space, the integrated speakers are enough. Otherwise, you’ll want to augment your TV with a good soundbar or surround sound system if you like your movie experience a bit higher.

Slim TV LC-32LE451U

Slim Design

A super-thin bezel frames the slim, elegant LED-backlit TV for a virtually borderless appearance. When you’re enjoying your favorite TV show or sporting event, the frame fades away, and the brilliant images on your screen become the centerpiece.

Whether you plan to mount your screen on the wall or stand it on your TV stand, the thinner it is, the better. Thankfully,  the Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV makes it possible to generate high-quality graphics out of incredibly compact equipment. This ultra-slim TV set will take up very little space while allowing you to enjoy movies, games, and TV shows in High Definition.

Smart functionality: No

These days we watch a lot of online content on our smart TVs. Smart TVs allow you to watch Netflix and other online content directly on your television without any additional cables or streaming devices required. The majority of brand new TVs sold are smart, allowing you to connect to your home internet to stream media, surf the web, or run apps all without the need for an additional device.

But don’t get disheartened if your Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV isn’t a smart TV. Do you know that you can turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV? Yes, instead of buying an expensive smart TV, you can convert this set into a web-enabled entertainment center using an intelligent media player such as an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick.

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Technology Specification of the Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV

  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model Number: LC-32LE451U
  • Screen size: 30 inch
  • Pixel Resolution: 1366*768
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz Native
  • Backlighting technology: LED Full Array
  • Smart Functionality: No – compatible with streaming devices
  • Dimensions: Without stands: 28.4*16.8*2.9 Inches. With stands: 28.4*18.5*5.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.36lb
  • Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB, MHL
  • Accessories Included: Universal Remote
  • Energy Star compliant: Yes
  • Audio: 2 inbuilt speakers, 20W


  • Its setup is brief, and the options effortless to navigate
  • Great high-quality graphics – sharp images
  • The TV has a perfect size for small living areas.
  • The TV is astonishingly lightweight
  • Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), Audio Return Channel (ARC), and Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) support over HDMI
  • Down-firing 20W (10W + 10W) stereo speakers with virtual surround sound
  • Removable stand and wall mountable
  • Slim design at 2.5″ deep without the stand
  • Power Saving Mode and Auto Power
  • Powerful audio
  • Compatible with streaming devices


  • Does not support smart functionalities

Wrap up

As much as the ever-larger screen sizes might impress us out there, it is important to keep in mind that larger isn’t always the only option. A larger screen can display larger images, but if it can’t handle higher resolutions – or the upscaling techniques needed to enlarge low-resolution content – you’re just paying for a large size, but a blurry image. You need more resolution for a larger screen; after all, those extra pixels need to be up to the sky for picture processing to make either HD or UHD content look clear on a big screen. A bigger screen is also harder to fit into cramped spaces and can dominate the room it’s in.  

But if you are looking for a compact-sized TV and quality performance, Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-Inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV got you covered. Even though the TV doesn’t support smart functionality, it’s compatible with other streaming devices that will enable you to enjoy smart content on a non-smart TV.

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