Sharp Lc-32lb370u Reviews; Remarkable Contrast for Decent Viewing

Are you searching for a TV with a good resolution on a budget? Our Sharp lc-32lb370u review will help you find one. Sharp lc-32lb370u comes with a 1080p resolution, which is challenging to get at a favorable price. Its price ranges from $150 to $190, a plus for a TV with a dynamic ratio of 2000000:1. It also comes with 2speakers of 5w, each enhanced by a DTS, creating a quality sound that is music to your ears.

The Sharp lc-32lb370u is easy to operate since you can choose the language you are conversant with. It has a parental channel lock giving you control over what your kids interact with when you are not present. You no longer have to worry about dozing off and leaving the TV on. This TV has a sleep timer that turns it off automatically.

If you love games or you use Blu-ray players, then this is your match. It has 3 HDMI ports that you can use to connect your game console and have fun with no restrictions. It has 1 USB port that you can use to display different entertainment forms with an additional component video input. Nevertheless, it does not have MHL denying you the opportunity to connect it to your mobile phone and other electronic devices.

Sharp lc-32lb370u review- TV back side

It does not support Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, which is disappointing if you love watching movies. Still, you can find an alternative if you need to connect, for instance, the amazon firestick. You may also opt to check other Sharp series that allow this connectivity to enjoy watching your favorite movies.

The Sharp lc-32lb370u is also convenient if you are planning to host friends or family. It provides a high range of viewing distance and has 178 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing angles that provide viewers with clear pictures. The only shortcoming you may experience is that you may not enjoy videos with darker scenes because it does not have local dimming.

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Owning a 4K resolution TV is the current goal for most people because they produce fine pictures. Well, if you are working on a budget, our Sharp lc-32lb370u review is your perfect answer. This TV has a resolution of 1080p, which is a plus considering its friendly price.

It has a 60HZ refresh rate, enhancing your entertainment by reducing judder and making the images appear smoother to your eyes. It also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 2000000:1 that gives you the contrast and brightness you need to make good use of it.

The downside of this TV is that it does not have local dimming. You cannot enjoy watching videos with darker scenes, like TV shows and movies. compare it with other Sharp TVs.

Sound – music to your ears

The Sharp lc-32lb370u has two built-in speakers that produce 10w output. These speakers come with a DTS, which further enhances the 10w output providing clear, powerful, crisp, and natural sound with deep enveloping bass. You can enjoy the high sound quality as you comfortably sit on your couch without having to bear the irritating sound of some TVs.


The Sharp lc-32lb370u has an LED display technology; thus, it performs well in every lighting condition. You do not have to be concerned about the light in your living room. Its size is 32 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio giving you good picture quality. It also has an active 3D but no 3D support, making it a bit limited.


Do you want to bring the movie theatre home? Sharp lc-32lb370u can do this for you. The slim and robust frame surrounding its screen resembles a movie theatre giving you fantastic viewing experience.

Sharp lc-32lb370u review sound connection


If you love video games, this is a must-check feature on any television you plan to purchase. Sharp lc-32lb370u comes with 3 HDMI ports that you can connect your Blu-ray games, disk player, cable box, game console, etc. It gives you maximum fun and freedom to play different games. Sharp lc-32lb370u has 1 USB port giving you access to other sources. For instance, you can display your photos on the big screen.

If you still have that old DVD/VCR player combo, this TV got you covered with its one composite input. You can watch that longtime favorite video conveniently. It has two digital ports, the digital coaxial and an optical that give you access to other sources.

The Sharp lc-32lb370u does not have MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). Therefore, you cannot connect your smartphone, tablet, or any other portable electronic device to it. Nevertheless, it contains both analog and digital TV tuners, which give you access to different channels.


The Sharp lc-32lb370u does not support Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Well, this is disappointing if you like watching movies, but still, there are other options you can choose, like the sharp lc-58q7370u that comes with 4,000 streaming services. You may also use an alternative way to get connected, like getting an Amazon firestick if you want to stick with Sharp lc-32lb370u.

Watching with friends and family

We all know how it feels embarrassing when your friends visit, and they can hardly watch the TV comfortably in certain positions of the living room. Do you start moving chairs or squeeze on one sofa? No, you don’t have to because our Sharp lc-32lb370u review has this sorted.

The Sharp lc-32lb370u has the three viewing distances, i.e., optimal 52.00 inches, minimum 38.00 inches, and maximum 80.00 inches. It also has 178 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing angles providing clear pictures to viewers. You can confidently host your friends or family and watch comfortably.


Ever had a TV with a language you could not understand? If yes, you know how bad it feels purchasing a television and being unable to operate it. Well, the Sharp lc-32lb370u comes with three languages; English, French, and Spanish. You can easily set it to your language and operate it without difficulty.

It also has parental control enabling you to monitor what your children watch. Currently, many children have been exposed to content that is harmful thus, parents have to be sensitive. To avoid such scenarios, you can use the parental channel lock to avoid your kids accessing programs that are not appropriate for them.

This TV also has a sleep timer. Do not be worried about you or your kids dozing off and leaving the TV on. It can turn off automatically. In case you prefer mounting your TV instead of using a stand, Sharp lc-32lb370u is the way to go because it has a VESA interface type 100×100mm making it easier to set up.

It also comes with a remote control that is easy to operate. If your remote spoils, you can get the Sharp GBOO4WJSA universal remote control for all Sharp brand TVs. With effortless setup and operation, you can be sure that this TV is a good selection.

Sharp lc-32lb370u is not a smart TV which means you cannot access streaming services and services like social networks, internet browsers, music, online shopping, etc. It does not have an FM Radio. You may need to use another device if you want to listen to your number one radio station.


Our Sharp lc-32lb370u review provides you with a TV that is exceptional since it has a fair resolution and DTS quality sound at a friendly price. It comes with connectivity such as 3HDMI ports, 1 USB, component video input, among others. With these, you can play your video games or watch that movie you love with that old DVD/VCR player combo. It also comes with a VESA interface and a precise remote control making it easier to set up and operate. It has an LED display technology and a high dynamic contrast ratio that gives you clear images making it more entertaining. You can grab this TV at a favorable price and enjoy your favorite entertainment.

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