Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch TV: Better Viewing For A Low Budget

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You’re looking to get a new TV. But is a name brand the only way to get a quality television, or while deliberating on your choice, should you also consider emerging brands such as Sceptre? Thanks to advancements in technology, more TV manufacturers are making budget-friendly TV sets that bring much-needed competition to brands such as LG, Sony, TCL, or Samsung, who have dominated the TV scene for years.

The number of new TV brands has drastically increased in recent years. Some of them are making models that match or even outperform far more expensive models from the established brands. One of these unknown brands is Sceptre. Sceptre TVs are selling out because they are made to offer users maximum value.

You might be a bit apprehensive about purchasing a TV from a company you are just hearing about, and it’s understandable. With all the counterfeit products in the market today, your concern is not misplaced. However, to help you understand what you are getting when purchasing Sceptre TVs, here’s a review of the Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV.

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Product Review

A quality TV can transform your living room into an entertainment center; that’s what the Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV does. Delivering four times the pixels of a Full HD TV, you get great color variation, contrast, and clarity that mirrors natural colors producing crisp, clear images.

You can explore the apps on your phone on this giant 50-inch ultra slim LED display once you connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port or HDMI 2. It allows you to stream content and visually enhances it to ensure you get better picture quality. The innovative USB input port further expands functionality, allowing users to listen to music and view digital pictures quickly and conveniently. Sceptre TVs are truly made to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch TVback side

Product Description

  • Brand: Sceptre
  • Model: U508CV-UMK
  • Dimensions: 28.03″ h x 12.72″ w x 43.70″ l, 25.35 pounds
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160, Ultra-High Resolution
  • Display size: 50 inch
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Viewing angle: 178 degrees
  • HDMI 2.0, the maximum throughput of beefy 18Gbps; HDCP 2.2
  • MHL Roku Ready
  • Input ports: UDB PORT, 3 HDMI
  • Ultra-slim Design
  • Ultra-High Contrast 5,000,000:1


  • It produces natural, realistic images.
  • With three HDMI ports, you can connect up to three devices simultaneously, allowing you to stream and surf as well as connect your favorite multimedia.
  • The big display screen offers you a better viewing experience
  • Ultra-slim design.
  • Excellent sound.


  • It is not a smart TV.

Sceptre U508CV-UMK Features

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The TV has 4K resolution, also known as Ultra HD, 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. That’s 4 times as many pixels as in a standard full HD TV, delivering a total of about 8.3 million pixels. With these many pixels, you get more pixel density allowing the TV to deliver more precise, realistic, and better-defined pictures. The pixels allow for more details about the image to come through, enhancing the image’s sharpness.

Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch TV showing a city with a river running between buildings

Backlight: LED Display

LED displays are energy efficient because they consume a lot less energy. They also provide brighter picture quality than LCDs by enhancing the contrast and enriching the range of colors across the screen. The TV has a wide range of different wavelength LEDs used to generate high-quality graphics.

These LED screens produce a flicker-free image that minimizes eye fatigue, strains, or headaches. They also have a long lifespan in comparison to the LCD monitors. Thanks to LED technology Sceptre was able to achieve the ultra-slim design of this TV.

High Refresh Rate:120Hz

Most TVs come with a 60hz refresh rate that allows the device to deliver good visuals; however, the Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV has a 120hz refresh rate meaning it can provide ultra-smooth visuals.

With it, you get smooth visuals ideal for gaming and movies without blurs or flickering. The doubled refresh rate ensures all the details come through even in fast-moving scenes such as sports or fight sequences. The high refresh rate enhances your viewing experience allowing you to enjoy cinematic visuals at home.

image showing energy consumption of a Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch tv

Large Display: 50 inches

Whether you want to watch a movie or sports, a bigger screen is always better. You get to see the whole scene and even feel like you are part of it. The combination of the LED technology, excellent picture quality, display size, and, crystal-clear detail guarantees full emersion into whatever you want to watch. Enjoy the special effects in movies just as the director intended; feel like you’re there at a big stadium watching a match or in your game.


The TV comes with integrated HDMI and USB ports meant to transmit visual-audio data between devices such as your television, streaming media, and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and more. Higher-quality HDMI cables support higher data transfer speeds, providing more bandwidth to enjoy your 4K UHD and HDR multimedia.

It comes with a HDMI 2.0 input, 2 MHL/HDMI, USB, VGA (HD-15) input, audio input and output, component video input and output, digital audio output (coaxial), headphones ports. With such a wide variety of input and output ports, you can connect your favorite multimedia systems. The HDMI 2.0 port is equipped with HDCP 2.2, which helps you to seamlessly stream 4K videos and get the most rewarding viewing experience.

The Verdict

With the Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV, you can take in the scenery of whatever you are watching at 4x the resolution of a FHD TV, illuminating a world of endless vibrant color and remarkable detail that can only be found on this model. Although the Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch TVs are not smart, it is MHL ROKU Ready, meaning that you can connect your streaming device and enjoy smart functionalities on a non-smart TV.

Despite not being as popular as other brands, Sceptre did not come to play with this model. You get great quality at budget-friendly. With the Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV, home theater has never been better.

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