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Sceptre 40 Inch Tvs – Are They the Unbeatable Bargains of the Century?

Whether you admit it or not, you are always on the lookout for the best deals in the market. Be it a car, a vacuum cleaner, or TV, the best deals are what catches your eye. However, it is not only about the price. The functionality of the device is what will determine whether you have indeed scored yourself a bargain. If you are in the market for a new display unit, we recommend checking out the Sceptre 40 Inch TV series. 

Yeah, the brand may not be as famous. But you are going to watch the TV and not the name. We decided to check how well the TVs perform to verify whether they are indeed the bargain of the century. Here is what we found out:

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Sceptre Android TVs

To keep in line with other manufacturers, Sceptre has recently introduced its line of Smart TVs. Under this range, you can get screens ranging from 32’’ to 65’’. The model that we sampled was the Sceptre A435BV 43’’ Android TV. Below are the key features that stood out:


The panel is a backlit DLED panel that works exceptionally well in all lighting conditions. The colors appear rich, and the contrast ratio is not too bad compared to others in the same category. You get a viewing panel of 42.5’’, which qualifies it to appear in this review. There is no display technology to speak of, but the picture quality is good enough to justify the price.

The bizarre thing about this TV is that it offers very little in terms of picture calibration. The adjustments do not provide any noticeable changes.

Smart functionality

With Android running the platform, you have access to thousands of apps to enhance your entertainment options. It comes pre-installed with Netflix, YouTube, and Google Playstore. You also get Chromecast and Google Assistant with the set, allowing you to control the TV via voice.

The remote is Bluetooth enabled, meaning you do not have to be in front of the TV to use it. The stand out feature in its smart functionality is the talkback option. As you browse through the windows and menus, the TV reds out each menu item to help you navigate. It is useful mainly for people suffering from near-sightedness as they too can operate the TV with ease.

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sceptre 40 inch TV

The A435BV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports that allow you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. The HDMI ports also allow for CEC technology, which means you can control all connected devices using your Bluetooth remote. The USB port allows media connections of up to 64GB with autoplay function, enabling you to automatically play music and browse through your pictures.


The design of the TV is not too shabby either. It comes in a plastic casing and is also VESA mountable. The frame around the display is thin enough not to interfere with your viewing. With dimensions of 38.07 X 22.05 X 3.15inches and a net weight of 6.6 kilos, the TV is light and compact enough to make an excellent accessory for your room’s décor.

sceptre 40 Inch TV

Despite lacking most of the major functionalities that modern smart TVs have, the A435BV is a great choice either as a second TV or your primary unit for your campervan. You can check for their availability in any of the following stores.

Check prices on Amazon and Walmart

Sceptre 40 inch TV – FHD Series

Next up is the Sceptre X405BV FHD. Despite being in the low-end range from Sceptre, they do come with suitable functionality to consider them as viable options. The display is a DLED backlit panel that supports a display resolution of up to 1920 X 1080 at 60Hz, which is higher than most budget TVs on offer. The VA panel also features antiglare capabilities, which perform well in bright settings. As with the A435BV above, there is a limitation in picture calibration settings. You do get four pre-set color modes, namely warm, cool, normal, and standard.

None of the models in this series offer smart TV functionality, but you can mitigate this by installing either an android TV box or any other streaming device. In terms of connectivity, there are 3 HDMI ports, 1 VGA port, and 1 USB port that allow connections to other media devices. The distinguishing feature between the FHD and Android series is that the FHD models support ARC, CEC, and MHL in their HDMI ports. Using the TV as a pc monitor also worked surprisingly well. The response time was good, and there was no lag Input worth mentioning.   

The design is similar to that of Android TVs. They feature a frameless display panel, and the 40’’ is slightly lighter at only 5.8 kilos. The TV also comes with VESA mounting capability with an allowance of 200 X 200 mm. There is also a bezel stand available with the TV, which is more stable than other models. The only flaw with the design is the location of the connection ports. They are all at the back of the TV, making them inaccessible when the TV is mounted

If you a looking for a TV to gift your parents or any other elder member of your family, you cannot go wrong with the X405BV. Units are available from any of the retailers below.

Check prices on Amazon or Walmart

Sceptre 40 Inch TV – 4K UHD series

sceptre 40 Inch TV

Finally, we have the Sceptre U435CV-UMC 4K LED TV. The Sceptre 40 inch TV 4K UHD series targets customers who are sticklers for the picture quality but still want a bargain. It comes with decent technology allowing for excellent picture technology. The VA panel can produce image quality of up to 3840 X 2160 p. The unit comes with Motion Estimation Motion Control (MEMC) technology that allows it to manage refresh rates of 120 Hz across multiple inputs. In addition to MEMC, the pictures can also be upscaled to near 4K quality, allowing for richer and brighter colors.

sceptre 40 inch TV

Unfortunately, the 4k UHD series of TVs from Sceptre does not have smart functionality. However, you do get CEC functionality from all the 3 HDMI ports. HDCP 2.2 is also available, meaning any content you view from your connected Bluray DVD player is protected by copyright. You also get audio guidance when operating the TV that reads out all the text on the different menus you navigate.

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Design is not a strong suit of Sceptre. Despite the thin frames around the display panel, the plastic finishing still leaves much to desire. The 4K UHD 40 Inch Sceptre TV is VESA mountable with an allowance of 200 X 200 mm. Disregarding all the flaws, you find in the design and smart capability, this TV can be a suitable unit for your primary TV or PC monitor at a bargain price. You can get yourself a unit from any of the following stores.

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There are many budget TV available for sale in the market. However, not all of them are worth your while. Having looked at the Sceptre 40 Inch TV options, we are convinced that they indeed justify their place as a brand worth looking out for. Although they still have a long way to go in terms of the technology they infuse in their devices, they are on the right track.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are Sceptre TVs made?

Sceptre TVs are products made by Sceptre Inc. It is a California-based company that has been operational since 1984. They assemble and manufacture all their devices from their factory in the City of Industry, California.

Are Sceptre TVs reliable?

Sceptre is the fastest-selling budget TV in the US market, according to Walmart. Consumers who have purchased the units give them an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, as per the recent statistics published by Walmart. With such a high rating, it shows that Sceptre is indeed doing something worth your attention.

How affordable are Sceptre TVs?

The most expensive model we found in the market for a 65’’ model was under $500 for the Sceptre U658CV – UMC 4K UHD TV.

 Check prices at Walmart or Amazon

It is no shocker that they are flying off the shelf at Walmart at such a price point. 

How available are Sceptre TVs in online stores?

Given their popularity, it may be hard to find all the models available in stock full time. The most common models are the 4K UHD series and the FHD series.

Can Sceptre TVs work as PC monitors?

Yes. All Sceptre TVs come equipped with CEC technology and various inputs to support PC connectivity. They also have a dedicated product line of PC monitors available for purchase at all major retailers. Here are a few PC monitors worth checking out.

Sceptre IPS U279W (2020 model)Sceptre 32 Inch Curved Gaming monitor

sceptre 40 Inch TV

Can Sceptre TVs connect to wifi?

The Android Series of Sceptre TVs come with both wifi and LAN connectivity. Check with your retailer to verify the availability of the LAN port and if the model you are seeking has wifi connectivity.

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