Samsung UN40K5100: 7 Features That Will Make You Buy It

Need a new screen for your living room or bedroom? When you switch on your TV, you want to see crisp image and hear the perfect sound without distortions. That’s how you bring the movie theatres home when watching your favorite films or bring the club to your house when listening to music. TV manufacturers are desperate for you to buy one of the biggest and most expensive screens that they put less or no effort into promoting their smaller and more wallet-friendly sets. And this is where the Samsung un40k5100 40-inch or a 43-inch TV comes in.

With that in mind, is Samsung worth buying? Is the picture resolution, screen size, sound, and overall experience worth what you will be spending? To find out, let’s consider this LED TV’s features, pros, and cons.

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Product Overview

The Samsung 40K5100 40inch Full HD LED TV displays clear, crisp, and awe-inspiring visuals and ensures a breath-taking entertainment experience. The TV set features Light Emitting Diode (LED) screen, which provides in-depth and vibrant image quality in any lighting conditions.

It has ultra-smooth motion that lets you enjoy action games and movies with virtually no blur. Its FHD resolution features stunning, precise crystal details and vibrant colors, creating a visual feel of realistic pictures. The Auto Depth Enhancer technology incorporated in this Samsung LED smart TV delivers images with incredible detail as it automatically optimizes the contrasts for each area.

Samsung UN40K5100 40-Inch

The Samsung UN40K5100 comes with a built-in DVB T2 digital receiver. What’s interesting is that the T2 receiver is derived from the improved second generation of the DVB-T standard. DVB-T2 provides more data faster in terms of channels and services. And being built-in the TV means you will not have to buy an external digital receiver.

The refresh rate of this TV is 50Hz, which reduces motion blur. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology of this Samsung LED TV uses an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm and provides vibrant and vivid colors. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus brings a broader kaleidoscope of colors on your Samsung TV screen, just like the manufacturer intended. You’ll enjoy alluring colors while cozying up with a bowl of popcorn to catch your favorite movies and shows. This includes the classic non-HD content.

You can plug your USB flash drive or HDD to this TV and enjoy watching your favorite content, thanks to the ConnectShare Movie. The HDMI inputs of this TV provide high-speed transmission of HD multimedia content from multiple devices into your TV. The Samsung LED TV reviews applaud its Ultra Clean View technology to significantly enhance details and obviously reduce noise through automatic analysis of the resolution of the original content. It has a perfect sound system, relieving you of the expenses of buying external sound speakers and bars.

Samsung UN40K5100 Features

1. Full HD

Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2x the clarity of standard HD TVs. This TV display technology specification surpasses the quality over the original 720-high-definition televisions (HDTV), to provide a 1080p or full high-definition (FHD) image resolution. Although it’s not quite as low as HD screens and yet not high as a 4k TV sets, Full-HD is the middle ground of screen resolution. 1920*1080 pixels are sharp enough to give you notably higher image clarity for gaming and streaming purposes. Be sure to enjoy the full high definition resolution and never to miss the details when you watch your favorite programs in this true-to-life, crystal-clear colors TV set.

2. Backlight: LED Display

It doesn’t matter how long you stay in front of your screen gaming or watching movies; you will not have to worry about the power consumed by this TV set. Picture quality, energy-efficient, more contrast, and better response time are the most significant advantages of using LED technology. The Backlighting feature results in a crisper and a deeper contrast ratio, enabling viewers to see better image quality. Since this set uses LED (Light-emitting diodes), the brightness is significantly improved over standard LCD televisions. So, if you are a serious gamer and looking for a screen that responds fast, then Samsung UN40K5100 40-Inch 1080p LED TV might be the right choice for you.

3. Ultra-smooth Motion Rate

One issue with LCD-based TVs, in particular, is that the image can blur during fast-moving scenes. Ever watched a fast-moving film in which images looked fuzzy and produced a weird trail behind them? This is because the pixels took a long time to change. Higher refresh rate displays make the moving content look and feel smoother and snappier. This TV set refreshes its images 60 times per second to minimize a blur on your screen while watching fast-motion movie scenes and sports competitions. It allows your screen to keep up with the rapid movement of a player without noticing any change.

4. Enhanced Audio

Perhaps you don’t have room for external soundbars. You need an all-in-one home entertainment system that delivers an excellent sound experience in your living room. With this TV set, you will not need to buy a soundbar or any other external audio device to maximize the sound while enjoying your favorite programs. The high frequency and precise details from the built-in speakers will make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

5. A Visual Treat

A 40inch Full HD display that renders stunning visuals with every detail is a big enough TV set for your living room. This screen size, combined with the Auto Depth Enhancer technology, offers a lifelike viewing experience by adding depth to the scenes. The TV provides Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which ensures richer and more vibrant colors hence giving you a great visual treat. Dolby Digital Plus feature optimizes your entertainment experience with enhanced sound richness and clarity so that you can enjoy the ultimate in digital sound quality on all your favorite movies, TV shows, and streaming content.

6. Connect and Share

Plug your favorite entertainment and media into your TV – watch videos, play music, or view photos through a USB connection. The TV has one USB port that offers direct access to the content on your USB flash drives or HDDs. It also comes with two HDMI port that facilitates a true Full HD experience with similarly enabled devices. This feature allows you to access the content on your phone or laptop on a wide FHD screen.

7. Smart Functionality: No

Will you be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart TV on Samsung UN40K5100 40-Inch 1080p LED TV? The answer is No. If you are looking for a TV set with wireless connectivity that will allow you to access on-demand multimedia content, keep a tab on your social networks and, in some cases, even make video calls, this TV might miss on your list. However, don’t let this missing feature make you overlook the other benefits provided by the Samsung TV.

As the saying goes, there are many ways to kill a rat. You can still enjoy the benefits of a smart TV on a standard TV. You can convert your non-smart television to smart television using devices like the Chromecast or the Amazon Fire Television Stick. This will allow you to connect your home WIFI network and stream audio/video content on your TV.

Technology Specification of the Samsung UN40K5100 40-Inch 1080p LED TV

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model Number: UN40K5100
  • Screen Size: 40 Inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60HZ
  • Backlight: LED
  • Speaker type: Two built-in speakers (Dual Speakers 20 Watts)
  • Audio Technology: Dolby Digital Plus
  • Resolution Type: FHD (1080p)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Weight: 8.21 pounds
  • Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 35.5 x 21.9 x 3.1, TV with stand: 35.5 x 24.5 x 7.2
  • Color Enhancer: Wide Color Enhancer (Plus)

What We Like About The Samsung un40k5100

  • Enhanced details and better clarity as it is designed with FHD resolution
  • It provides Increased brightness and higher levels of contrast
  • Ultra-smooth image motions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Unbeatable price
  • Large screen for a small and medium-sized roo

What’s Not So Great About It

  • A bit heavy
  • The 40-inch display size makes it unsuitable for larger rooms

Wrap Up

With all the features you get from the Samsung UN40K5100 40-Inch 1080p LED TV, you will be sure to enjoy excellent picture quality at high resolution. Although you don’t get a wireless or Bluetooth connection, you will have two HDMI inputs to make up for it. With it, expect to enjoy high-quality audio-visual experience and performance packed in a smaller compact-sized screen. Not sure this is the Samsung TV for you? Compared it with the Sony X690E.

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