Samsung JS9500 88-Inch Excellent Image Display and Picture Quality

Over the past decade, Samsung has come from the brink of obscurity to emerge as a technology juggernaut of digital devices. There is no place where this is more evident than their television product lines. The level of workmanship they use to develop these devices deserves nothing less than a big congratulations for their efforts. We decided to review the Samsung JS9500 88 88-inch curved TV to verify its technical prowess. Following a series of different tests, this device attained an overall score of 8 out of 10. Below is a detailed summary of how we came to this conclusion.

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What We Liked and Didn’t Like

Picture quality
The pictures are rich in color and appear crystal clear regardless of the input device
The TV costs a pretty penny and you will have to move things around before you add it as part of your furniture. There are cheaper sets in the market that offer almost similar functionality.
The TV is aesthetically beautiful given the smooth finishing and makes a nice addition to the overall décor.
At a whopping 59 kilos, the JS9500 is way too heavy for a smart TV in this day and age.
Mixed Usage
The Samsung JS9500 works very well with multiple devices. There is minimal variation in terms of picture quality and audio output, making the TV rank highly on the multiuse TV category

Samsung JS9500 series features three models, the 65’’, 78’’ and 88’’. The UNJS9500 was discontinued and reintroduced as the Samsung UE88JS9500. If you’d prefer the new model, check the price on Amazon.

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Key Features of the Samsung js9500 88-Inch Suhd 4K Smart TV

1. Display

The 88’’ screen affords you an impeccable large display akin to the feeling of being in a cinema. Obviously, this is one of the best features you get with a large TV. The 4K-capability is next to none. The colors are more vivid and seamless. As is custom with Samsung, nothing has been left to chance to give you the ultimate 4k experience, and there is the certification to prove it. Whether you are gaming, watching a movie, or streaming online, the TV does not hesitate to upscale the images to make them clearer and crisp. The local dimming function well to even out the picture regardless of the source.

There is an issue with gray uniformity. The curved screen provides room for blotchiness when viewing darker images as spots appear where the gradient is higher.

2. Viewing angles

Here is where the TV failed miserably. You only experience impressive viewing when in front of the TV, and therefore it does not perform well when used in a small room. You get about 30 degrees of viewing allowance on either side. As you move further, the pictures become blurred, and you start to notice shadows with each frame.

3. Antiglare capabilities

The Samsung JS9500 does well to reduce glare thanks to its local dimming technology. It adjusts accordingly, depending on how much light hits the screen, allowing you to use it in any setting.

4. 3D Capability

There is a little interference when viewing 3D content as sometimes you may experience a lag, and images may cross. However, this is not as bad as we have seen on other TVs that we have reviewed. Samsung put in some effort to enhance the experience. But, they should have done better given the technological prowess that has since made them a superbrand.

Overall, the TV performs well when it comes to its display capabilities, and you do get value for the money you paid.

5. Smart TV capabilities

The TV uses the Tizen Os to power the Smart Hub platform. The interface is well-organized, with all your app tiles appearing at the bottom of the screen in a movable ribbon. You have two interfaces from which to select apps. The ‘Recent apps’ option shows you the apps that you use frequently as well as apps that Samsung wants you to check out. It gets very annoying as advertisements tend to randomly pop-up., disturbing your mojo during usage. The Featured option is where you can access all the other apps available to you on the Smart Hub platform.

Back view of Samsung JS9500

There are new apps that make their debut on the platform in an attempt to expand the content that is available to you. However, some of them are location-specific and do not add value to the experience. Below is a breakdown of apps that we found useful to enhance the entertainment experience:

1. Social

You can access all your social media through the pre-installed Facebook and Twitter apps on the platform. We recommend that you access these on a different device as notifications will get annoying over time.

2. 4K video streaming

Netflix, Amazon, M-GO, and Ultraflix all offer you access to content that you can stream in 4K quality. However, this is all dependent on the speed of your connection, as it may scale down to offer a smoother viewing. 3D Go is your access to online 3D content should you want to delve into that realm.

3. Gaming

The addition of PlayStation Now allows you to access all the retro games that you enjoy straight from your TV. All you need to do is connect your controller, and you are ready to game away.

The Smart Hub interface has seen massive improvement as compared to models of yesteryear. The on-board Hawk P Octacore processor makes switching between apps is much faster, and the ability to multitask on different apps is a great addition overall. However, there are still some kinks that need ironing out. Overall, the interface is very functional and neat.

The accompanying remote is very practical. It includes only the necessary functions required to control the device. You get the power button, source, channel, and volume buttons as the function keys. There is also a scroll button that allows you to move the pointer on the screen. To get you to interact more with the TV, Samsung offers motion and gesture control to the Smart Hub interface. Every movement of your hand allows you to navigate across all functions of the television.

6. Design

The JS9500 is a features an ultra-modern design. Smooth edges and a discreetly placed camera give it a posh look that complements the décor of your entertainment space. You can either choose to mount the TV on a wall with its VESA interface or use the included stand. Regardless, the TV looks great any way you want to position it.

The weight is what causes concern. The TV is 59 kilos and would require a strong mounting assembly to keep it in place. However, you do get a Y-shaped removable stand that allows you to place the TV firmly on any flat surface.

7. Connectivity

As a multi-use TV, the Samsung JS9500 88-inch comes with a total of 4 HDMi ports allowing you to connect multiple devices to it at once. You also get Bluetooth connectivity, further adding to its compatibility with multiple devices. The Samsung JS9500 only has two connections on TV body, the power and One Connect Port. All the other relevant connections are available on the One Connect Box, which helps in reducing clutter behind the TV. WiFi, Ethernet, and DLNA are all present on this model meaning you are not at a loss whatever way you decide to access the internet and devices in your home. You can also cast images directly to the TV from devices within your home network.

Samsung JS9500  connectivity

8. Audio output

You get a total of 4 speakers with your TV. 2 X 20 W front-facing speakers with an additional 2 X 15 W subwoofers all built-in within the frame. They do pack quite the punch and offer clear undistorted sound, thanks to the Dolby and DTS codecs. The design of the TV also helps in accentuating the sound as the speakers have enough distance between them to produce an impressive surround effect. Pre-set sound profiles are also present and they correspond to the type of content that you are viewing on the TV.

9. Ease of use

Setting up the Samsung JS9500 has never been easier. Once you plug it in, you will get an on-screen step-by-step guide that helps you set up basic connections such as WiFi and your Samsung Account. In the box are a Quick User Guide and the TV’s manual to help you troubleshoot any issues that you may face during set-up.

Technical Specifications

The specifications listed below are for the 88-inch model.

Model numberUN88JS9500
Screen88 inches
LED Back Lighting
Dimension196.34 X 113.54 X 19.05 cm without Stand
Screen resolution3840 X 2160
Ultra HD
4K, 2160p
3DYes, with Active 3D technology
Smart FunctionalityYes
Tizen Os
Samsung Smart Hub Interface
Hawk P Octacore Processor
NetworkLAN, WiFi
WiFi Direct, DLNA
Connections4 X HDMI 2.0 supporting ARC, CEC & MHL
2 X USB 2.0
2 X USB 3.0
1 x Ethernet Port
1 X Satellite In
1 X AV Composite
1 X 3.5mm jack Video Component In
1 X Optical Audio Out
1 X 3.5 mm Audio Out
1 X RS232
1 X IR Out
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
Audio2 X 20 W Speakers, 2 X 15 W Subwoofer
4.2 Channel Front Firing
DNSe+, Dolby MS11, DTS, DTS Premium Sound 5.1
Power Supply110 – 120 V or 210 – 220 V depending on the country of purchase
TV placementRemovable Stand
VESA Mount 600 X 400 mm
In the box1 Remote Control
1 Smart Remote Control
One Connect Box with One Connect Cable
1 pair 3D Glasses
VESA Wall Mount Adapter

Who buys the Samsung JS9500 88’’ 4K UHD Smart TV models?

The 88’’ is part of the premium range of TV models from Samsung and is Ideal for homes that feature dedicated entertainment rooms. Owners of such sets ideally stay in mansions and high-end apartments given the high price of the TV.

Camera on a TV screen

Alternative models to the Samsung JS9500 Series

LG EG9600 series

The LG EG9600 series are the best alternative to Samsung’s JS9500 series of TVs. The features compare toe to toe across both manufacturers, but there are some subtle differences in the LG that would cause you to take a second look. Below are some of the noteworthy features that gave the LG an edge.

TV showing colorful images

1. Display

The LG EG9600 series of TVs come with superior OLED technology as compared to Samsung’s LED LCD technology. OLED offers much better picture quality and can handle gray uniformity much better than the Samsung. You also get a wider viewing angle by about 5 degrees compared to the Samsung JS9500 34 degrees. Overall, the LG EG 9600 series performs much better across multiple inputs as compared to the Samsung JS9500 series.

2. Sound

LG’s sound capabilities are courtesy of Harman Kardon, who are world-famous in the sound technology space. There is close to no distortion at any volume level and the sound comes out rich and clear. The audio system is powered by Dolby codecs and also includes the ULTRA Surround codec that evenly spreads the sound across the entire room.


The LG EG9600 series comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses as compared to Samsung’s one. It may sound petty but it offers inclusivity in enjoying the viewing experience. You also get more connection ports with the LG in terms of an additional AV Component In.

The LG EG9600 series is available in two screen sizes 55’’ and 65’.


‘The price point of the Samsung JS9500 puts it out of touch with most of the market. However, it is an incredible piece of technology that enhances the entertainment experience. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, then it is a worthy investment, as it does not disappoint in terms of functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions of the UE88JS9500

1. What is Anynet+, and what can I use it to do with my TV?

Anynet+ allows you to control multiple devices via remote control. It uses HDMI-CEC technology and will only work with devices that support this technology. Anynet+ is available in all TV models after 2015 and comes as a standard feature. Consult the user manual to better understand how to use your remote as the sole control for multiple devices.

2. Do I need a computer connected to use other Google apps?

No. The Tizen Os that runs Samsung Smart Hub is compatible with most android features. It comes pre-installed with all the regular apps that you use daily. These include Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon, to mention a few. You also have access to PlayStation Now that allows you to play vintage PS games directly from the TV without the need to connect the console.

The 3D Go app allows you to access and view 3D content from multiple sources on the internet.

3. Do I need special software to use my external drive with the TV?

Not at all. Connect your Hard Drive directly to the One Connect Box, and the TV will pick it up automatically. The TV works with all file systems such as FAT, FAT 32, and NTFS.

4. How many devices can I connect to my TV at any particular time?

The Samsung JS9500 features 4 HDMI ports on the One Connect Box. You can plug-in up to 4 devices simultaneously to your device. You also have a CEC connection that enables you to cast images directly to your TV from another device over WiFi.

5. Can I connect my television to the internet?

Yes, you can. The TV can connect to the internet through its Ethernet port, or you can use the Wi-Fi connectivity. You can have it as part of your home network and stream video across all devices connected to your home network.

6. How can I watch Live TV from my Samsung JS9500 88-Inch?

The Samsung JS9500 comes with a satellite in port that you can use to connect the TV Set-top box. You will find this on the One Connect Box. However, most cable TV service providers issue customers with Satellite TV boxes that support HDMI connections. Consult with your service provider to see if one is available.

7. Can I connect my Bluetooth speaker with the television?

Yes. Samsung JS9500 series of TVs come with Bluetooth 4.0 as standard. You can connect any external audio device that supports Bluetooth. Some retailers of the series offer the Samsung HW-J7500 sound system as part of the purchase.

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