LG UK6300 Review with ThinQ Al (Smart Control, Excellent Viewing)

Getting an Ultra HD 4K TV at an affordable price is challenging. This LG UK6300 review helps you learn more about this cheap 4K TV with ThinQ Al. It is crafted with a seamless design with two stands and is VESA compatible. These properties make it easy to set up and an additional deco item apart from its primary function. It has ThinQ artificial intelligence offering you effortless operation through its Magic Remote and Google assistant.

If you love watching movies, you are lucky because this TV allows you to connect to various streaming services giving you a range of entertainment to choose from. It also has IPS technology providing you with fine pictures that are almost lifelike. Apart from the IPS, it comes with HDR that gives you a range of colors and color detail at the same time. It has wide viewing angles making it flexible to watch from any position of the room.

To give you a great gaming experience, the LG UK6300 has 3HDMI ports where you can connect the Blu-ray player, Sky Q box, and gaming console at the same time. It has 2x speakers of 10 watts that give an excellent surrounding sound and is compatible with soundbars. It has 2x USB 2.0 ports to help you use other sources.

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LG UK6300 Review back view


The LG UK6300 TV is made with a slim, seamless body that is a perfect fit for any room aesthetic. It serves both function and décor purposes. Just like its predecessor, the LG UJ6300, it has two feet stands with a thin bezel. However, it does not have any options to assist in cable management

It is VESA compatible, making it easier to mount on the wall. You can grab this TV for effortless setup and its aesthetic benefit without dominating your room.

Picture Quality

If you are looking for lifelike pictures on a TV, our LG UK6300 review got you covered. The LG UK6300 has the latest IPS technologies that give you fantastic contrast and brightness levels. Beyond this range, it also offers you a wide viewing angle. You do not have to sit in a specific position in your room to enjoy watching your TV. Its screen contains 8.2 million pixels, which is four times that of an HD panel. This number of pixels mean that you get finer detail of the images than in an ordinary HD TV.

You may be wondering the importance of the high pixel if you are watching the news in standard definition. Well, this TV can upscale the standard definition pictures almost to the 4K quality. If you are fortunate enough to have the latest Sky Q box, you can optimize UHD’s full potential straightaway on your TV. You can enjoy the stunning detail in the World Cup.

LG UK6300 Review  HDM nd side view

Along with detailed pictures, the LG UK6300 also comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range), which adds a variety of colors and color detail simultaneously. It boosts the TV’s true motion giving you the smoothest picture and great detail even when watching fast scenes like in action movies and football. With all these features, you get vivid images that are so close to lifelike quality.

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You may want to check the TV’s input before purchasing it since it determines how flexible you are to use a range of sources lest you get so limited. In terms of I/O, the LG UK6300 TVs come with 3HDMI 2.0 ports giving you the freedom to connect your Blu-ray player, Sky Q box, and game console at the same time.

It has 1 composite input; hence, you are not limited to use specific sources. You can get that old DVD player and still have fun. It has 2x USB 2.0 ports and an optical enabling all your multimedia and all other standard ports in a typical 4K TV.

LG ThinQ Al

What does LG ThinQ Al mean? LG ThinQ Al is the new LG UHD TV with Al (Artificial intelligence) ThinQ feature making LG UK6300 TV the core of a smart home. You can use intelligence voice by speaking to the LG Magic Remote to control light settings, display family photos, check the weather, etc. It gives you the option to check information without operating your phone or waiting for the news. It also includes a google assistant making a sophisticated device.

LG UK6300 Review sound connection

Audio Quality

Although the LG UK6300 is super slim, it has impressive 2x built-in speakers of 20 watts, enabling it to give you a good surrounding sound. If you want a decent overall sound, it will work right for you. However, the larger the room, the more disappointing it can get. But you are not left without an option because this TV has the ability to add a sound base, soundbar, or an ATMOS surround system.


If you love gaming, then you are lucky because LG UK6300 TV is the best cheap Ultra HD 4K television in the market. It has an exceptional input lag of ~11ms that will please you. However, Game mode is the only one that provides this lag for HDR gaming. When connected, you set HDR, and the inputs icon to console or PC. The LG UK6300 acts as if the console/PC is not the input. You can get this amazing gaming experience without breaking the bank!

LG UK6300 Review front display

Smart Functions

It is one thing to own a smart TV and another to be able to use it daily. Our LG UK6300 review shows you how to make the most out of this TV. It has a full range of catch-up services from ITV, BBC, Channel 4, and 5 ensuring that you will never miss the essential episodes.

You can also navigate and input information with a screen cursor making it even more cool and relaxing to use this TV. On top of having powerful internet connectivity, it has a built-in Bluetooth. It enables you to connect your soundbars wirelessly, even your tablet and mobile phone, to make your TV a music center. You can do so much with your TV beyond watching movies or shows.

Host a Movie Night

The LG UK6300 comes in large sizes of 43″, 49″, 55″, and 65″, giving you good image sizes that you can view without straining your eyes. This TV also has a frequency of 50/60 HZ that reduces blurring giving you a great watching experience. It has wide viewing angles that serve all audiences regardless of their position. If you love watching movies with friends, you can purchase it and have fun.


Are you looking for a 4K Gaming TV at an affordable price? Our LG UK6300 review offers you the best cheap Ultra HD 4K Gaming TV. This television is crafted with a slim shape and comes in 4 different sizes that are large enough to give a fantastic view and gaming experience. It has the latest IPS technology and a High Dynamic Range giving you fine pictures and a range of colors.

It also has Al and a magic remote that enables you to operate it through speaking to it, searching for information without using your phone, and a Google assistant. Not forgetting the smart functions and its many inputs such as the 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, the LG UK6300 would be a good buy with few shortcomings.

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