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KD70X690E Review; Excellent Color, Contrast, And Wide Range Brightness

KD70X690E tv in a living room

Large screens are fun because they offer you lifelike pictures to watch, unlike small screen sizes, which strain your eyes with minute images. When buying the next phone, we often check whether the screen is larger than the previous one. Likewise, when selecting a TV, you need to go for a high screen size if you want to have a cinematic experience. Our KD70X690E review presents to you this 4K Ultra HD 70inch TV, which comes in a good size to give you a fantastic watching experience. Here are its features that make it exceptional even though it’s a bit expensive.

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If you had an experience with the great wall TV, you know how far TVs have come. Imagine carrying a great wall TV with 61 lb. It would be so cumbersome. Thanks to our flat KD70X690E design, which makes it easier to transport and set up. It also comes with a stand that can support it, making it fast to set up if you do not want to mount it.

If you want to mount it on the wall, it has a VESA interface 400 x 400 making it convenient. Its size is 70 inches, bringing you large picture sizes that are more lifelike. It also comes with a remote that is easy to operate and gives you access to Netflix instantly at the click of a button. This TV gives you and your family great viewing experience.

KD70X690E tv showing sunset by the mountains


When you combine HDR video content with the KD70X690E 4K Ultra HD resolution, you get more color, contrast, and a wider range of brightness. It gives you a more immersive watching experience with its enhanced detail and highlights. This feature makes it a great solution if you like watching movies. However, its brightness does not work well in very bright rooms.

4K X-Reality PRO

Are you having a difficult time when watching an old DVD? This KD70X690E review got your back with this TV. The KD70X690E 4K X-Reality PRO engine upscales the low-resolution content 480p, 720p, 1080p exceptionally without introducing artifacts. It matches each scene with an image database that addresses the color, contrast, and edges, enhancing the detail. It’s time to enjoy your Blu-ray and over-the-air broadcasts in their full glamour.


When a TV lacks quality sound, it gets so irritating to the point that you want to switch it off. Why buy a TV that has a low volume range or grating sound while you can enjoy the KD70X690E clear audio+? The KD70X690E comes with a baffle speaker that gives an output of 20 watts.

It has a clear audio+ that fine-tunes its sound, allowing you to listen to dialogue and music with better clarity and distinction. You do not have to keep pressing the replay button to hear what your favorite actor said in a previous scene. It gets so clear with the KD70X690E.

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When you compress digital audio, a lot of information gets lost. This TV comes with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology, which restores lost frequency components, especially those with high frequency sounding more natural.

The KD70X690E has S-Force Front Surround that helps you enjoy rich audio in a wider listening area. You do not have to spend more on soundbars. With all these features, you can be sure to get a quality sound.

KD70X690E TV remote and connectivity

Motionflow XR 240

If you are a football fanatic or you love watching action movies, this TV got you covered. It comes with a refresh rate technology, Motionflow XR 240, that helps fast-moving action sequences in movies and sports be viewed with better clarity.


The internet has become a need because we often go online to learn, get entertained, hold work meetings and conferences, among other things. Our KD70X690E review brings you a full package that will fix this for you. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and supports an Ethernet connection. It has a Wi-Fi frequency of 2.4GHz, meaning there is no hanging as you stream only a smooth and convenient experience. Apart from that, it also eliminates the clutter of cables for you.

The KD70X690E comes with smartphone connectivity, offering screen mirroring and photo sharing. You can enjoy apps and content from your compatible phone. You also get to enjoy your photos that hold memories with your family on its large screen. However, the usage of this photo-sharing feature is a bit challenging.

It has 3 HDMI ports giving you the liberty to have fun with no restrictions since you can connect three sources at once. It also comes with 3 USB ports you can connect to listen to music, view photo collections, and watch video clips, making it convenient for you. If you have a headphone and want to get lost in the music world, this TV has this fixed via its 3.55mm headphone audio output.

Sharing within the house is also possible since the KD70X690E has Digital Living Network Allowance (DLNA) feature. You can comfortably share content from one device to another around the house over the Wi-Fi network. For instance, you can set your laptop as a DLNA server and access photos, music, and videos on your TV.


When you connect your gaming console to the KD70X690E, it offers you a smooth gaming experience due to its low input lag and its capabilities to handle excellent motion. Because it has a fast response time, it does not have blurry. Typically, it takes 14milliseconds to change the color. With its low input lag, you will not have a delay between pressing the controller and observing the actual thing happening on the screen.

Other Features

The KD70X690E offers you more convenient features to make your experience more exciting and stress-free. It comes with the Opera browser to help you explore with no challenges and in the shortest time possible. It has an Opera store that allows you to download apps that you want other than pre-installed apps


Our KD70X690E review offers you entertainment on a big enough screen bringing your favorite actor right into the living room. This 4K TV comes with connectivity features such as built-in Wi-Fi, 3HDMI ports, and DLNA. It has a clear audio+ that creates more clarity and distinction in your music or show. It upscales low-resolution content giving it good color and contrast; however, it has low brightness and, therefore, cannot be used in very bright rooms. You can grab it to enjoy its incredible features though you have to bear with its few shortcomings.

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