Hisense 40 Inch TV Reviews – Superior Technology at Half the Price

In retail, there is always that one brand that hits the right spot with consumers. You may have come across a brand called Hisense during your shopping escapades. Their FHD and Smart TVs can compete with the top brands and beat them flat on pricing. Several models from each category are available, and we decided to have a look at what makes them tick. As you go through our Hisense 40 Inch TV reviews, you will find out all that entails to this brand and why it is taking the consumer electronics market by storm.

The review is a more holistic view of the brand and mentions their top-selling models in the US market.

Who Is Hisense the Brand?

Hisense is a consumer electronics company out of China’s Shangdong province. It has been operational since 1969. Therefore, you do not need to doubt whether they will leave the market anytime soon. Among their products are TVs, refrigerators, laundry machines, and mobile phones. Their products are elegantly designed and feature the latest technology at very consumer-friendly prices. Hisense TVs feature screen sizes ranging from 40 inches to 100 inches.  

Display Technology

There is a wide variety of TVs that you can choose from Hisense. These include:

1. Laser TV Series

The Laser series features an on-board laser chip that produces impeccable picture quality across all input media. The inbuilt quad-core processor upscales images to near 4K quality, without any significant distortions. The laser series is more of a projector rather than a regular TV. You get a separate laser box that beams the images to a flat 100-inch screen that is VESA mountable on the wall.

All the TVs under these series come with HDR, Motion Estimation Motion Control, and Hi-View display technology. All these work together to produce superior imaging quality as never seen before from other premium brands. You can either get the 65’’ or 100’’, to enjoy the full cinema experience.

2. Ultra High Definition Series

The UHD series features a variety of 4K-enabled screens that feature HI-View technology, along with MEMEC, Dolby Vision, and Multi-zone local dimming. The UHD series of TVs work well in all room scenarios and can be used both as regular TVs and PC monitors. Screen sizes are available from 55’’ to 75 ‘’. You can select your desired model from any of the below stores.

3. Smart TVs

Hisense Smart TVs are available across three main platforms. You have those that feature Vidaa, Android, and Roku TV as their platforms. Each of these platforms comes with distinct features to cater to all your viewing needs. Across all platforms, you get Netflix and YouTube as standard, with additional apps available depending on the installed smart platform.

Unfortunately, you will not get the 40-inch screen size across the different series. However, you do get Vidaa Art technology that runs picture slideshows when the TV is on standby. All the TVs also come equipped with motion rate technology that makes them responsive to all sorts of inputs without losing picture quality. Our Hisense 40 Inch TV reviews concentrated on the H4 smart TV series.


What stood out for us in making the Hisense 40 inch TV reviews was the elegant designs that we came across. All the TVs we sampled feature a frameless design that gives you a full view of the display panel.

Unlike other budget models, the finishing is exquisite, with the plastic casing polished to perfection. Whether you opt for the stands or wall mounting, the Hisense 40 inch TV fits seamlessly with any décor.

All the TV’s technical components are neatly packed on a square plastic case at the back of the TV, allowing the designs to reach an impressive 7.8cm thickness at their widest point. The TVs are also extremely portable, with their net weight ranging between 10 and 15 kilos.


All Hisense 40 Inch TVs come equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, you get 2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 headphone jack, and an RF input for your satellite or cable TV.

The HDMI ports all support ARC and CEC technology, meaning you can connect multiple devices and control them using your issued remote. Within the 40 Inch TVs, you also get a VGA input for your PC, which allows you to use the device as a PC monitor.


Hisense TVs boast impressive audio output. All their TVs come with DTS TruSurround Sound codecs and two 7W built-in stereo speakers. Despite their limited wattage, the Speakers pack quite the punch when used in small rooms. However, investing in a decent soundbar will not be a bad idea if you are looking to have the TV in an open-set living room.


Hisense has been in the consumer electronics business for over 40 years. During this time, they have established different assembly plants across major markets in the world. US customers can relish in the fact that all Hisense TVs are assembled at their headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. Hisense 40 Inch TVs are available across all major retailers in the USA.


We were left in awe when putting together our Hisense 40 Inch TV reviews. The amount of technology and products in line for release left us with intense anticipation. Our final score in 7 out of 10 for this brand. The product line-up is impressive. And the fact that the TV assembly is local makes you rest easy as this is not another fly-by brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hisense TVs come with voice control?

Hisense recently agreed with both Amazon and Google for their voice assistants to be included in their built-in technology. Following this agreement, all Hisense smart TVs come with voice control.

Does the Hisense 40 Inch TV function as a gaming monitor as well?

Yes, it comes with a dedicated game mode and Motion Rate technology, which enable the TV to manage some of the lowest input lag we have seen.

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