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Echogear eglf1 bk – Multiple Compatibility, Versatile and Durable.

Nothing accentuates the décor of a room than a wall-mounted TV. The type of mount that you use will determine how the setup appeals to others. Whether it is a commercial, office, or home setting, a TV that is well mounted will enhance your viewing pleasure. The echogear eglf1 bk is an all-alloy steel wall mount designed to support TVs from 37″ to 70″.

echogear eglf1 bk

You also can mount any TV up to 60 kilos. You get a swivel angle of 130 degrees, plus a tilt of 15 degrees to fight any brightness that may interfere with your viewing. The echogear eglf1 bk can extend to a range of 16″, which is long enough to accommodate any viewing angle. It also can be retracted to stay only 2.6″ from your wall.

The design technology makes adjusting the echogear eglf1 bk smoothly and efficiently. Its two stud attachment allows it to support up to four times its recommended weight.

echogear eglf1 bk

You can use these mounts with most of the TV brands such as LG, SONY, TCL, and Hisense. Even the Vizio TV users are not left out, as the mount can secure any TV with a VESA interface from 200 X 200mm to 600 X 400 mm.

Your quick installation Guide.

As part of your wall mounting kit, you get the following accessories.

  • 4 X 22 mm (7/8″) TV Spacers
  • 4 X Lag bolt washers
  • 4 X M4 X 12 mm screws
  • 4 X M4 X 35 mm screws
  • 4 X M6 X 12 mm screws
  • 4 X M6 X 35 mm screws
  • 4 X M8 X 16 mm screws
  • 4 x M8 X 25 mm screws
  • 4 X M8 X 35 mm screws
  • 4 X M8 X 50 mm screws
  • 4 X M4 & M5 washers
  • 4 X M6 & M8 washers

Installing the echogear eglf1 bk is a simple 3 step process.

  1. You will first need to screw the appropriate TV brackets depending on the dimensions of the VESA mount on your TV.
  2. Once set up on your TV, drill the required holes of the wall plate and screw it into place on either your drywall or concrete surface. 
  3. Once fastened, attach the wall plate by strapping in the TV brackets to the adjoining wall plate.

As part of your purchase, you get a five-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers the replacement of any defective part on your echogear eglf1 bk. The warranty commences as soon as you receive the product from the company and is only viable if the product is not moved from the initial install location.

Thanks to the wall mount’s open hole design, cables can easily be attached to the TV with no hassle at all. The designers factored in the cable management in the design, allowing cables to be strung neatly at the back of the TV. Users of Samsung devices can rest easy thanks to the simple one connect box design, which allows for a neater finish of your installation.

The echogear eglf1 bk can be used in multiple settings such as a gaming station, bar setup, or your living room. Installation support is offered for all Echogear customers, who will guide you through the process any time of the day from their customer care center based right here in the USA. Agents are available from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, and 10.30 am to 7 pm Saturday and Sunday.

You can purchase your echogear eglf1 bk from any of the below stores.

Check prices on Amazon. Check prices on Walmart.


If you are looking for a neat accessory to mount your TV on, you will get everything right with the echogear eglf1 bk. Whether it is a single monitor mount design or multiple monitor setup, there is a product that is ready for you. For TV monitors larger than 70″, you can opt for the EGLF2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the echogear eglf1 bk support curved TVs?

Yes. Every TV mount is designed to fit all types of TVs from major manufacturers. All you need to ensure is that the brackets match your VESA mounting at the back panel of your TV.

What other surfaces can the wall mount be attached to?

The echogear eglf1 bk can be mounted on different surfaces such a wood, concrete, and steel.

What are the spacers for on the TV?

In case you have problems accessing the connection ports at the back of your TV, you can use the spacers to get you the extra space required to access the ports.

Will the TV be able to rotate between portrait and landscape?

Unfortunately, the TV can only be in landscape mode. The reason for this is the VESA mounting only allows for landscape mode for most TVs.

How can you know that the mount is compatible with my TV?

You can always check the compatibility on the Echogear website by following this link. Compatibility Check

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