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How Long Will LED TVs Last?

Old television sets lined up in rows and columns

When I went hunting for a TV, I was sure I wanted to buy an LED TV because I needed pictures as close to reality as possible. I was very excited, but I didn’t realize the variety of LED TVs…

Do You Need Wi-Fi for Smart Tv?

A TV with a wifi sign and question marks

My parents have wanted to do a complete makeover of their living room, which obviously included the TV. Not that they sit there and watch movies all day, or hardly at all, but they desire something fancy for the Sunday…

Do I Need HDR for Photo Editing?

A man seated in front of a photo editing monitor

“Do I need HDR for photo editing?” is a reasonable question for any professional photographer. Even amateur photographers have come across HDR as smartphones now have the added ability to take HDR photographs. HDR is also a popular selling point…

Is 1080p Enough for Photo Editing?

A 1080p monitor on a working desk

Your monitor’s resolution should be adequate, if not perfect, for the precision needed in photo editing. So, is 1080p enough for photo editing? It can be adequate depending on your monitor size, color accuracy, the kind of editing work you…

Is a Curved Monitor Good for Photo Editing?

A man working on a curved monitor

Perhaps inspired by the success of curved TV screens, manufacturers began churning out curved computer monitors. The entry of curved monitors into the market then begged the question: is a curved monitor good for photo editing? There have even been…

Why Are Monitors More Expensive Than TVs?

Computer monitors in a working area

Based on the size difference, you would think that TVs should be more expensive than monitors. Obviously, that is not the case. Monitors are smaller with fewer ports, but they are more expensive than the latest TV models. This is…