Buying a Refurbished TV? A Complete Buying Guide

To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with buying a refurbished TV.

Say you have been in the market to buy a new TV. The one that catches your attention is the QLED TV, but you can’t find a new one for less than $2,000, which way out of your budget. As you hunt online for better prices, you come across several reasonable offers for some old TVs. Without a doubt, it looks like a good deal, but you are hesitant. Why? Logically, if someone doesn’t want it, there is obviously something wrong with it. That’s very true!

Fortunately, there is a third better option. You can buy a refurbished QLED TV, in like-new condition, and who’s price ranges within your budget. A refurbished TV is the perfect blend of both worlds. Prices are lower than new TVs, but they aren’t as bad as used ones either. The trick is to know how to shop. This guide covers everything you need to be aware of about refurbished TVs before buying a refurbished TV blindly.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

The refurbished term means that there was a problem with the product, and it has been repaired. For Example, if a consumer purchases a display and on inspecting it, he or she finds it has some defects, then sends it back to the manufacturer in exchange for a replacement or a refund. Instead of trashing this returned troubled TV, the manufacturer decides to repair it. The problem could range from a cracked screen to a brocket USB or HDMI ports

The process of refurbishing the TV involves sending it to an engineering team who would dismantle it, repair the issue, and ship it to a retailer to sell at a lower price. Since the refurbished product has been repaired, it’s often not subjected to strict testing measures than a new TV would.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished TV

Who Refurbished the TV

One question that you should have the answer to is who repaired the TV? Manufacturers can refurbish the TV themselves, and so can retailers. For more confidence in the product, we would suggest making sure that the manufacturer has repaired the television you are willing to buy. This way, you are assured that only official and new parts have been used to fix them. If you are shopping online for refurbished TV, search for phrases like “manufacturer refurbished” or “factory repaired,” which means its manufacturers have repaired the TV.

The warranty offered for the Refurbished TV

The second question that you will want to know is what kind of warranty or guarantee is being offered? It’s good to go through the details to double-check the warranty for the refurbished TV covers, to be sure where you stand before clicking to buy. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of around 2 or 3 months, which is not enough time to assess your TV accurately. If you get a guarantee of 6 to even 12 months, that is a good deal because when it comes to guarantees, the longer, the better.

User Reviews

What other users say about the refurbished TV you intend to order can help you decide whether it’s worth spending. Go through user reviews of the TV to make sure there are no significant issues you may need to know about.

Return Policy

When you are not satisfied with the TV, can you return it? Is the return policy complicated and time-consuming for you? Will you be refunded your money after returning the item, or you will get a replacement? There is a possibility that the TV features were exaggerated, only to get home and find out that the TV is not damaged at all, but the picture quality or sound is awful. A good return policy process should be smooth and provide you with the option of whether you want a refund or a replacement.


Before clicking the buy button, check out how much the same TV would cost when new. If the difference between the refurbished and new one is just a few bucks, then you can reconsider adjusting your budget to acquire a new one. However, if you can save a lot of dollars by buying a refurbished TV, you can go ahead, purchase it.

If you are not comfortable with what is on offer, don’t be afraid to walk away and continue to search elsewhere.

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What To Look Out For in a Repaired TV

So, your QLED TV has been delivered at your home, and you just want to get it up and run. It’s essential checking a few things before you get cozy for a Netflix movie night.

1. Check for Physical Damages

After taking it out of its packaging box, inspect the TV for any significant signs of damages. Hopefully, there will be none, but its always better to confirm. Is the screen or bezel cracked? Are the TV stands in good shape, and does they have necessary screws for assembly? Is there any TV remote and manual in the box to guide you on setting up your TV?

2. Connections

Input ports are vital as they allow you to integrate your external devices to your display. You have to make sure that your display has all the input you were expecting and working correctly. Plugin your game console to check that the connections you need are working. While you inspect whether your ports are compatible with your TV, check the TV’s picture quality and internal speakers to ensure they sound OK at the low ad at high volumes.

3. WIFI Connectivity

If it’s a smart TV, you want to make sure it can connect to your home network. If it does, go online and check whether the software is up to date and contains all the expected apps. Once you are satisfied, you may go ahead and start using your TV. Remember that the inspection process doesn’t end here. As you continue to use your display, be keen to note any unexpected issues before the warranty period expires.
It’s better to know these aspects sooner so you are not disappointed later.

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Advantages of Refurbished Over Used or Secondhand TVs

1. Like-New Condition

Manufacturers and sellers of refurbished products, repair every damaged part and then test the item to make sure it performs as expected. The repair team also cleans the TV, replaces worn out parts to ensure that the refurbished TV looks and runs like a new one.

2. Warranties

Warranties are a better way to give you enough time to use your TV and make sure that it’s working correctly. Refurbished TVs come with a warranty although the length of the warranty depends on who repaired the display. If the manufacturer has fixed the TV, the warranty is likely to extend to at least a full year. However, if the retailer did the work, the guarantees would be shorter, like 30 to 90 days—the more extended the warranty, the better.

3. Support

This also depends on who refurbished the product. Purchasing a refurbished TV from the original manufacturer gives you access to technical support that you would get with a new item. This means that if you get any problems with your refurbished TV, you can call the manufacturers for assistance. On the other hand, buying a refurbished TV from a retailer may not be able to give you enough support when problems arise.

Where to Buy a Refurbished TV?

If you are shopping online, some reliable retailers ensure their refurbished TVs are in good condition. They include Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. They all sell refurbished televisions ranging from HDTVs, 4K ultra HD TVs, 8K TVs, OLED TVs, and QLED TVs. All their displays are factory or certified refurbished products.

Buying a refurbished TV could mean some serious saving. As long as you can purchase from a reputable source, you can get a TV that works just like a new one. However, it’s essential to do your homework first before buying a refurbished TV. The more you get information about the product and the retailer or manufacturer, the better the chance of avoiding unpleasant surprises when your package is delivered home.

Having said that, I hope you will keep this guide in mind when shopping for a refurbished TV. Failure to do so could lead to that $3,000 QLED TV you got for less than half a price breaking own after using for just a few weeks.

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