The Best Apps for LG Smart TV: 11 Apps for the Best Experience

One of my friends was pretty excited to finally buy an LG smart TV, and being the gadget guy among friends, it was only natural for him to ask me about the best apps for LG smart TV. If you have been on this blog for a while, you obviously know my love for LG and why I think they have some of the longest-lasting TVs on the market. So obviously, I would also know which apps you need to get with virtually any LG TV.

So, if you are new to LG smart TVs, you came to the right place. First, know that LG smart TV is powered by webOS; hence you won’t find the same app selection as Android TVs. The trick with this TV is finding the hidden gems that will improve your viewing experience.

WebOS is what makes LG smart Tvs worth your while because you can access all forms of entertainment thanks to this operating system. In terms of apps, you have everything from gaming to music, movies, and YouTube, giving you a viewing experience. 

If you are in a rush like we mostly are, here is a snippet on the best apps for LG smart TV you must get if you want to maximize your TV and viewership.

Best App For LG Smart TV Quick Preview

Best ForApp
Best app for LG TV remote1. LG TV Plus app
2. LGeeRemote
Best movie app for LG smart TV1. Netflix
2. Hulu
3. Amazon prime video
Best casting app for LG smart TV1. LocalCast for chromecast
2. BubbleUPnP
Best karaoke app for LG smart TV1. Smule
2. Karaoke
Best anime app for LG smart TV1. Netflix
2. Amazon Prime
Best mirror app for LG smart TV1. AirBeam TV
2. ApowerMirror
Best radio app for LG smart TV1. iheartRadio
2. myTner radio
Best weather app for LG smart TV1. The weather channel
2. Accuweather

Best App for LG TV Remote

These remote apps allow you to control your TV from the phone or tablet. If you ever lose your remote, you can always use any of these apps and still do whatever you want on your TV. I personally find this handy because TV remotes have a tendency to get lost in my house, thanks to the kids.

LG TV Plus App

First, I rank this app as among the best LG smart TV remote apps because it’s compatible with iOS and Android phones or tablets. Secondly, because LG manufactures it, it has optimized functionality for easy TV control. It functions like the actual remote, and you can adjust the channels, volume, and other gaming control. 

The remote also allows you to watch TV from the phone, so you don’t have to miss a moment just because you are not near your TV. The remote has a free version and an ad-free version for $2.99 a month. If you hate ads as much as I do, you may want to subscribe. However, the free version isn’t as bad, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t get the subscription. You can download it from iTunes or Google Play and follow the simple steps to pair it to your TV.


This is another great remote app that’s compatible with smart TV and WebOS. It has all the basic remote features giving you full control of your TV on your iPhone or iPad. When you launch the app, it searches for your TV and asks for permission to ‘take over’ control. And just like that, you have a second remote. You can choose between the free app with ads or buy the ad-free version for the best experience.

Best Movie App for LG Smart TV

If you’re a movie fanatic like me, you have to invest in the best movie apps for the smart LG TV. This way, you are on top of all new releases, whether movies or series. Two of my favorite movie streaming apps for LG smart TVs include


Netflix is one of the best and most popular movie apps. You browse through all movie genres, including comedy, dramas, fiction, and action. Additionally, you can also watch TV shows and series of your choice. This app is up to date with new releases and has some of the best original shows and movies. In most cases, the app is preinstalled on your device, and all you need is to sign in or create a new account. As expected, it requires a monthly subscription and a strong Wi-Fi connection.


Hulu is a great movie app that allows you to watch family-friendly movies and TV shows on your smart TV. In addition, it offers an excellent on-demand streaming library and live TV options. The app is preinstalled on your LG smart TV, and all you need is to create an account. You can opt for the ad-free version with a monthly subscription or the free version with ads.


  • Great TV series selection
  • Wide range of channel lineup
  • Robust cloud DVR option
  • Available on most streaming devices


  • The free version includes ads
  • Fewer originals

Amazon Prime Video

If you want to watch new episodes immediately after they air, amazon video is the place to be. With your LG smart TV, you can watch the latest movies and series and 4k1, and exclusive content. This video app is keen to improve your experience by producing popular originals such as Reacher, The Wheel of Time, and Hanna. You can launch this app from the LG smart TV app store. After installing it, you must create an account and pay for the monthly subscription to start watching.

 Best Casting App for LG Smart TV

Most smart LG TVs don’t have in-built casting apps. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t cast your favorite shows and songs from your phone to the TV. Although most of the casting apps available don’t work great, you can try these two.

LocalCast for Chromecast

This casting app is quite good since it works better than others. You can simply install it on your TV and cast content from your phone. It works with videos, music, and pictures.


  • It has a great interface
  • It’s the best if you’re casting local content


  • Sometimes it may fail to work
  • The free version is slow with numerous ads
  • You have to pay for the ad-free version


This app offers a great casting option from your smartphone to your smart TV. The premium version has no ads, unlimited playlist size, and media downloads. However, you must pay for the license. Also, some users find it too complicated, while others have trouble logging in.

Best Karaoke App for LG Smart TV  

Karaoke apps allow you to set up karaoke on your LG smart TV. You can easily download these apps for the best karaoke experience.


Smule is one of the best karaoke apps for your LG smart TV. With over 10 million songs from different genres, it guarantees non-stop entertainment. It also allows you to interact with other singers for collaborations. In addition, it has visual and mic effects for the best experience. However, you must subscribe to access these features.


This is the best free karaoke app for LG smart TVs. The vast song library is available in different languages. The special features include autotune and echo to enhance your vocals. Additionally, you can record your karaoke sessions and share them on social media. All you need is to install the app on your TV and enjoy free karaoke.

Best Anime App for LG Smart TV

If you’re an anime fan, you might be wondering how you can stream your favorites on LG smart TV. Well, you can install the best anime app for smart TVs. They include


Like other shows and videos, Netflix has a vast selection of anime. In addition, Netflix has high-quality videos and gives you a download option which means you can save them later. You need to install Netflix on your TV if it’s not preinstalled. Unlike other apps, Netflix is available in most countries. However, you must pay a monthly subscription. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime comes second only to Netflix. It’s easy to install, and the interface is awesome. Additionally, it’s available worldwide and has some of the best anime. Although its anime collection is limited, you can use the app to watch other shows, which makes the subscription worthwhile.

Best Mirror App for LG Smart TV

Mirroring apps allow you to display your phone or tablet content on a bigger screen. Unlike casting, mirroring allows you to view and control the content from both devices. Some of the best mirroring apps include

AirBeam TV

This is your best bet when it comes to mirroring apps. It allows you to cast to LG smart TV with a single click. It has great connectivity and is easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. However, it’s expensive, and there’s no free trial version.


Apowermirror allows you to share videos, pictures, and music between your TV and smartphone. You can also use it as a screen share where you record the activities on your phone. It comes with a free version with ads and an ad-free version for which you must pay a subscription fee.

Best Radio App for LG Smart TV

Radio apps allow you to listen to your favorite stations and podcasts on your TV. This means you don’t need a different device if you have an LG smart TV.


This free radio app for LG smart TV users is an all-in-one digital audio service that delivers limitless music options. You can also stream live radio stations and listen to news and podcasts. However, the app’s free version is limited, so it’s best to take the monthly subscription as you can do much more with it.

myTner Radio

This is another radio app option for LG smart TV. It has numerous stations that change depending on your location. It offers great variety and quality broadcasts, making it friendly. The best part is this app is free, although it comes with ads for which you have an option to block.

an image showing a sunny, rainy, and snowy day

The Best Weather Apps for LG Smart TV

Weather apps are a great resource since they help you plan your day. Unfortunately, finding a reliable weather app isn’t easy since it’s a matter of trial and error. However, these two have worked for me before.  

The Weather Channel

You have probably heard of this app before, as it’s a pretty popular TV weather app. I agree that it’s one of the most reliable weather apps for LG smart TV because most predictions are accurate. Having used it before, I avoided bad weather by using this, which is pretty awesome.

It has radar maps, storm watches, and rain trackers to prepare you ahead of time. However, you have to subscribe to unlock premium features which I don’t mind doing since it’s only $2.99 a month.


This weather app is available on the LG channels app from where you can install it. Although it’s not as reliable as the weather channel, it gives accurate weather forecasts. In addition, it provides up-to-date predictions available in video. Although it has a free trial version, you require a subscription to access premium features.

Your LG smart TV may not have all your favorite apps preinstalled. However, this should not be a problem since you can install these apps with a few tricks. The best way to add the highlighted apps is by accessing the LG content store. From there, you can download the available apps to improve your experience. Alternatively, you can use a streaming stick to download the apps online. Now that you have all the options try these tips and say goodbye to watching cable TV all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install third-party apps on LG smart TV?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t install 3rd party apps on LG smart TV. This is because it uses WebOS, an operating system that doesn’t allow 3rd party app installation.

How do I get more apps on my LG TV?

To get more apps on your LG smart TV, you need to access the LG channels app, with numerous extra apps. Also, you can change the LG services country by changing the TV’s services settings so that it can restart. After it restarts, you can open the content store where more apps are available. Lastly, you can use an android digital box or streaming stick to access apps from the internet.

Can you jailbreak an LG Smart TV?

Yes. You can jailbreak an LG TV by using the RootMyTV user-friendly exploit. It interferes with the WebOS homebrew channel installation allowing you to add third-party apps. 

Does LG smart TV have Google Play Store?

No. The LG TV doesn’t have Google Play Store. However, you can still access extra apps for your favorite shows through the LG content store. The store works like other app download services. 

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