Sceptre U508CV-UMK 50-Inch TV: Better Viewing For A Low Budget

TV in a large living room on top of a tv stand

You’re looking to get a new TV. But is a name brand the only way to get a quality television, or while deliberating on your choice, should you also consider emerging brands such as Sceptre? Thanks to advancements in technology, more TV manufacturers are making budget-friendly TV sets that bring much-needed competition to brands such […]

KD70X690E Review; Excellent Color, Contrast, And Wide Range Brightness

KD70X690E tv in a living room

Large screens are fun because they offer you lifelike pictures to watch, unlike small screen sizes, which strain your eyes with minute images. When buying the next phone, we often check whether the screen is larger than the previous one. Likewise, when selecting a TV, you need to go for a high screen size if […]

Samsung M5300 – Smart TV At An Affordable Rate

Someone watching TV as their feet step on the screen

The Samsung m5300 is an affordable smart TV aimed at the sub $300 category of consumer electronics. It offers full HD capability but falls short in sound and picture quality. The compact design means you can easily place it in your living room or mount it on the wall without worrying about the amount of […]

Top 6 Best 4K TVs To Use as Computer Monitor

Living room with large screen mounted on the wall

Do you wish your computer had a big screen? It is very easy to connect it to a television and use that as your monitor. Modern TVs have been designed to connect to most computers with and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable or a display port (DP). Most gaming and movie fans prefer TVs […]

80 Inch TV Dimensions: The Best Viewing for A Large TV

A large 80 inch TV with the right dimensions

I started researching about 80-inch TV dimensions when I got interested in buying a new tv set. Not that I didn’t know the width of an 80-inch TV, but I was more interested in knowing the best angle and position for the TV. The actual size of 80 inch TV is 39.1-inches in height and […]

LG UK6300 Review with ThinQ Al (Smart Control, Excellent Viewing)

TV mounted on a large TV stand in the living room

Getting an Ultra HD 4K TV at an affordable price is challenging. This LG UK6300 review helps you learn more about this cheap 4K TV with ThinQ Al. It is crafted with a seamless design with two stands and is VESA compatible. These properties make it easy to set up and an additional deco item […]

Top 5 Best TV for Watching Movies; Great Display

A man watching movies on his tv

To start with, one essential feature that you should look into before buying the best tv for watching movies is the size of the TV. I would recommend taking the larger-sized TVs because the more extensive the screen size you buy, the more you will benefit from an excellent performance like the wider viewing angle […]

Buying a Refurbished TV? A Complete Buying Guide

TV showing homepage with TV programs

To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with buying a refurbished TV. Say you have been in the market to buy a new TV. The one that catches your attention is the QLED TV, but you can’t find a new one for less than $2,000, which way out of your budget. As you hunt online for […]