Westinghouse Review 2022 –Not Worth Your Time

A TV thrown in a bin with old clothes

When I was buying my first TV, I didn’t think much about the features or the brand. After all, a TV is just a TV. At least that’s what I thought, so naturally, I went for the first brand that promised me excellent TV viewing, aka Westinghouse TV. But, as they say, experience is the […]

Tcl Roku TV 40 Inch Review for Easy Viewing

What do you look for when you are buying a TV? Is it the display screen size, price, or features? Regardless of your buying principle, the TCL 40 inch Roku TV seems to fit the bill in all categories. Our TCL Roku TV 40 inch review looks at what makes this TV a must-buy for […]

Best TV PC Combinations for Your Entertainment Station

people playing games on their tv pc combo set up

Cross functionality has become the norm in everything technology. You now have flying cars, laundry machines that combine the wash and dry function, as well as TVs that can work as PC monitors. Creating the best TV PC combination is not as simple as it seems. It is not just about cables and connections. There […]

Insignia 50 Inch TV Review – Are They Your Best Buy?

insignia 50 inch tv review

Retailers are always looking for more ways to get dollars out of your pocket. Ever since Amazon decided to produce its line of signature products, it was only a matter of time before other big-box retailers followed suit. You now have Insignia, the flagship TV brand from Best Buy. Their line of TVs features a […]

Best 4K TV To Use As Computer Monitor

People using TVs and computer monitors

Televisions are increasingly becoming the preferred device to use as a computer display. It is because they have superior display technology and offer larger viewing panels. Unlike projectors, TVs last longer and come at a significantly lower price point. However, not all TVs can work as PC monitors. There are specific requirements that they need […]

The Best Apps for LG Smart TV: 11 Apps for the Best Experience

One of my friends was pretty excited to finally buy an LG smart TV, and being the gadget guy among friends, it was only natural for him to ask me about the best apps for LG smart TV. If you have been on this blog for a while, you obviously know my love for LG […]

42 Inch TV Dimensions; Consider the following to get your money’s worth

TVs now come in different sizes and brands. It would be a miracle to find a CRT unit now, given that sets are getting bigger and come with loads of features. A popular size that you will find in homes is the 42-inch screen. Manufacturers seem to have struck the sweet spot with consumers and […]

Komodo TV reviews 2020 – A bargain not worth the effort

Komodo TV reviews 2020

TVs have come a long way from when you walk into a store and find the usual brands from Sony, LG, or Samsung. Nowadays, new brands are popping up, each claiming to be the best in the business. One such brand is Komodo TVs. They are a California company that specializes in LED and Ultra […]

Sharp TV Reviews 2020– Everything You Should Know Before You Buy One

harp TV Reviews 2020– Everything You Should Know Before You Buy One

As businesses grow, they develop their identity and become synonymous with certain types of products. The result of this can be your consumers, will miss out on all the other cool stuff that you have in your catalogue. Sharp is best known for home appliances like blenders, humidifiers, copiers, and microwaves. However, they too have […]

Cool TV Mounts and Accessories: Top 7 Simple Accessories For Your LED TV

TV showing apps on the screen in a dark room

You have had your TV around for a couple of months, but things have started to get a bit bland. The stock configurations are not giving you that tingly feeling down your spine. So how do you spice things up? For a couple of dollars, you can breathe new life into your entertainment center, and […]