Best Monitor for Programming and Gaming

A moitor with code on the screen

Every professional programmer understands how a below-average monitor setup is disastrous for the job. Poor setups will subject you to eye irritations, frequent headaches, and endless frustrations. However, having the right monitor will help you manage complex tasks, making your job easy and satisfying. Although many monitors are available in the market, not all of […]

How Do You Know When Your Flat-Screen TV Is Going Bad?

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If you’ve ever bought a flat-screen TV, it’s likely that you don’t remember the last time you had to replace one. After all, they are so ubiquitous that many people have more than one in their homes. And as technology advances, flat-screen TVs are becoming more and more sophisticated.  One issue many people run into […]

What Is The Best Bluetooth Soundbar For TV?

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Despite all the fascinating technology in today’s TVs, it is a shame that sound takes the back seat. The speakers in most modern TV sets are incapable of providing adequate audio. Often, you will get two speakers, each putting out 10 watts at most. So, is there a solution to this travesty? Yes. All you […]

How Can I Boost My Indoor Antenna Signal? Simple Solution

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Is your free-to-air (FTA) channel list shrinking? Do your favorite TV shows appear cloudy? Alternatively, is the audio lagging when you watch some channels? Regardless, all scenarios arise from one cause. You are facing signal issues. Your antenna may be losing its signal capturing abilities. Consequently, some of your FTA channels become unavailable. Additionally, you […]

Does a Smart TV Need an Antenna for Local Channels?

A person watching TV while eating popcorns

You cannot deny that Smart TVs are a welcome revolution to home entertainment. You can now watch your favorite movies and TV shows on-demand via the internet. But, unfortunately, this privilege is not available to all. Depending on your location and budget, online streaming may not be an option. Therefore, your only option is to […]

Can I Do Zoom on My TV? Four Easy Options

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Over the past thirty-six months, there have been drastic changes to how you work. No longer is it necessary to be at the office, and all communication occurs virtually. One medium that continues to rise is the use of video conferencing platforms. For example, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram are popular amongst smartphone users. However, […]

8 Great Tips to Improve Streaming Service Experience

Streaming platforms have changed the way we look at content consumption. These days, it is more convenient to hop on a streaming platform that has music, movies, TV shows, and documentaries on the go. You do not have to rent DVDs or download large media files to your device. The overall streaming service experience can […]

Why Should You Not Use a TV as a Monitor? A Simple Explanation

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You have a little extra cash, and you are about to treat yourself to a new television. But, before you press buy, your computer monitor dies. The situation now turns tricky, as you need to decide the best course of action. Should you get a new monitor or stick to your guns and get the […]

Is OLED Good for Movies? Find Out if It’s Worth It

a man watching a movie on a big screen

Buying a TV is not as simple as you may think. Nowadays, there are screens available for all types of consumers ranging from commercial displays to general viewing. However, if you are a stickler for features, the various acronyms can be confusing. You now have OLEDs, QLEDS. LCDs and LEDs. Each type comes with a […]

How Do I Know if an Antenna Will Work at My House? Easy Solution

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What are you currently watching? The latest box office movie or reruns of your favorite TV show. Regardless, how you now consume entertainment differs widely from decades past. Subscribing to a monthly pay-TV subscription gives you immediate access to a wide range of viewing content. However, what do you do if pay-TV is no longer […]