What Kind of Monitor Is Best for Photo Editing?

A camera next to a laptop monitor for photo editing

Among the primary questions for all photographers (at least the serious ones) is: What kind of monitor is best for photo editing? Apart from a good quality camera, a monitor is one of the most important purchases a photographer will make.  After all, the extent to which people will appreciate the quality of your photography […]

What Kind of Antenna Do I Need for Local Channels?

A strong antenna for broadcasting local channels

The concept of free TV has us all asking ourselves, “What kind of antenna do I need for local channels”? The idea of watching one’s favorite local channels, shows, and global events for free has led to the current cord-cutting phenomenon. And with the pandemic affecting the economy, everyone wants to spend less, including monthly […]

Which is Better Smart TV or Android TV?

I have to admit. I haven’t always been tech-savvy, and I had to learn most things about Smart TVs and Android TVs through trial and error. I was very enthusiastic about the Android TV when it was finally released. Frankly, all my friends and family also wanted to know if they should switch from their […]

24 or 27 Inch Monitor for Office Work: Which One Is Better?

A woman working on dual monitors in the office

Here’s a question for you: Should you get a 24 or 27-inch monitor for office work? However, the answer isn’t black and white. There are several features you should consider as you decide on a monitor for office work. Your monitor’s resolution is one such feature as it will affect the overall image or text […]

Best Long Range Attic TV Antenna for High Signal

A rural area in need of the best attic antenna for tv viewing

Finding the best long-range attic TV antenna is a joy, especially for people in rural areas. As the name suggests, a long-range antenna is one that should have a high signal reception range, preferably over 60 miles. Since rural areas tend to be far from most broadcast towers, these high reception ranges are essential to […]

Best TV Antenna Booster for Rural Areas: Easy to Setup

An old TV with bad signal that needs the best antenna booster for rural areas

If you live way out in the far country, you really should get the best TV antenna booster for rural areas. When my sister first moved to the rural areas to be with her family, I was excited. Because having a nice chilled place to rest whenever I could get the time, I could also […]

Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Local Channels to Save Costs

In searching for the best outdoor TV Antenna for local channels, most people ask themselves, “What is the best antenna for free TV?”. After all, a primary motivation behind this cord-cutting phenomenon is to cut cable costs and save a few hundred dollars each month. With an outdoor TV antenna, you get to watch your […]

What Is the Best Antenna for Free TV?

One of the first questions most people transitioning from cable TV to free over-the-air TV ask is, “What is the best antenna for free TV?” This is a valid question because there are several factors to consider before buying a TV antenna. But first, let’s clear up one myth: you absolutely can use a TV […]

Best TV Antenna for Los Angeles For Free TV Streaming

A small red tv with an indoor antenna

It is no coincidence that more people are looking for the best TV antenna for Los Angeles. The ‘cord-cutting’ phenomenon has been on the rise partly due to the presence of on-demand TV streaming and the rediscovery of free over-the-air (OTA) TV. Fans of local channels, nationally syndicated shows, and live events can fully enjoy […]

Best Indoor TV Antenna for Local Channels for Strong Signal

A small old tv with an indoor antenna

There isn’t a lack of options when you are looking for the best indoor TV antenna for local channels. On a small budget? We have options for the best budget indoor antenna. Have an HDTV? We’ve got an indoor TV antenna for you as well. We have literally done the hard work for you. Your […]