TV Dimensions [Easy Ways to Find Standard TV Screens Measurement]

TV Dimensions in Inches and CM

Navigating the world of TV dimensions can feel like deciphering a foreign language. Inches, centimeters, aspect ratios… it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. All you want is a TV that fits your space and offers the best viewing experience.  This article will look at the most common TV sizes and their dimensions in centimeters […]

Troubleshooting 9 Common 80 Inch TV Issues [How to Guide]

Troubleshooting 80 Inch TV Issues

What happens when your majestic 80-inch behemoth starts acting up? Blurry picture? Crackling sound? Apps freezing? Well, you have to troubleshoot. This guide takes you through the sometimes-murky waters of troubleshooting 80-inch TV issues.  We will cover everything from picture quality problems to sound and smart TV issues commonly found in this majestic television. And […]

How Does Light Affect TV Viewing? [How To Fix Glare]

how does light affect tv viewing

Imagine settling in for a movie night, anticipation building, only to be met with a frustrating glare on your screen. The culprit? Light! The glossy finish on most TVs acts like a mirror, reflecting ambient light and disrupting your viewing experience. So, how exactly does light affect your TV viewing, and what can you do […]

How Big Is a 72 Inch TV? [72-Inch TV Dimensions]

TV mounted on the wall displaying red on the screen

A 72-inch TV measures 72 inches, regardless of whether you measure from the top-left corner to the bottom-right edge of the panel or vice versa. This dimension does not include the TV frame and the Bezel. It measures 35.2 inches, and its width is 62.6 inches. But a TV’s dimension isn’t the only thing you […]

The Latest LED TV Technology and What It Means for Your Home Viewership

The Latest LED TV Technology and What It Means for Your Home Viewership

Buying a TV is slowly becoming a headache, given the number of brands breaking into the market. It didn’t happen as a miracle; it all started with the migration from LCD to LED screens, which changed customer preferences. As a result, when buying a TV today, you are likely to pick one based on its […]

How to Connect Non-Smart TV to Wi-Fi Wireless

How To Connect Non-Smart TVs to Wi-Fi Wireless

In todays digital age, the accessibility of smart TVs has been fuelled by the emergence of new brands and the usage of superior operating systems, like Android. You might feel left out if you have a non-smart TV, but that shouldn’t be the case anymore. You can wirelessly connect your non-smart TV to Wi-Fi using […]