Are Element TVs smart TVs? Find The Truth

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Your mind must be buzzing right now, with all sorts of questions. Who is Element? Do they even make TVs? Are element TVs smart TVs? Where can you buy one? And so on. Not to worry, all shall come to light as you read along. 

However, are Element TVs smart TVs? The answer is yes. Element TVs do have smart TVs in their product line, as do other manufacturers.  They come in a variety of models, each with a feature list to fit most consumers. 

Before you fire up your computer and whip out your credit card, here is some information to help you out. 

What Does a Smart TV Even Mean?

A smart TV allows you to connect to the internet to find and view or listen to content from the comfort of your couch. You must be wondering, but a computer does that? True. However, a smart TV combines the features of a computer, TV, and digital receiver. You can surf the internet, talk to your grandmother, and view your photo album. Additionally, you can still connect your outdoor antenna and watch the free-to-air channels in your area. 

It offers better entertainment options as to conventional TVs and incorporates the latest in technology. They are the most common you can find across retailers, with the older sets slowly becoming obsolete.

Qualifying Features Of Smart TVs

Technology has made it possible for any television to become smart. You can connect devices such as android boxes, firesticks, and Chromecast, to enjoy the experience. However, the below features should be on the device for it to qualify as a smart TV.

1. Ability to connect to the internet

You can connect to the web in two ways, either by cable or wireless. Whenever you are looking to purchase a device, always ask the attendant to demonstrate the same. Alternatively, you can physically check if the connection ports exist. 

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The physically checking method may not be as effective nowadays. Cable connections are slowly falling out of favor. The wireless connection option is now the favorite among netizens. Not only is it less bulky, but you also get faster connection speeds.

2. Connection with external media devices

smart TV connections

You cannot boast an entertainment hub if you cannot connect to other media devices. If your tv can connect to an external hard drive, a gaming console, or a computer, then it is smart. Additionally, it should also offer simultaneous connections at once. For example, you own a smart TV if you can connect your sound system and game console all at once.

3. It has a pre-installed operating system that includes apps and games

An operating system is software that enables your TV to perform its various functions. The OS available on your television is at the discretion of the manufacturer. However, the below are the ones you will likely find:

1. Android TV

Google’s Android TV platform is widespread among TV brands. Brands such as SONY and TCL use Android TV as their preferred OS. It offers you a smartphone experience on a bigger screen. Among the features are social media messaging, audio & video streaming, and video calling. The versions vary among the device models, depending on the year of manufacture. However, given that you can still buy them in the market, they must be doing something right.

2. Roku TV

Roku TV is another stand-alone operating system that is available to TV manufacturers. Hisense, Philips, and Element are some of the models you can buy with ROKU TV. It comes with an exclusive app store, where you can download apps only available from the developer. Additionally, there is loads of free online content ranging from old westerns to the latest box office films.

3. Fire TV

Fire TV is an operating system from Amazon. You can find it running on TVs from Toshiba, Insignia, and JVC. It is the newest among the smart TV platform providers. However, it seems to be catching on, with many other brands also including it in their builds. For example, Sansui and Vizio are the latest brands to join the fire TV bandwagon.

4. Manufacturer-specific smart platform

Finally, manufacturers also opt to have their in-house software with their devices. Samsung smart TVs come with Tizen OS, and LG has its webOS. Both systems offer a unique set of functionalities that you can customize to your liking.

4. Internal storage

Your TV should have an internal storage capacity. How else can it support an operating system on its own? The amount of space available varies with the manufacturer. However, the minimum amount available for a decent smart device is 4 GB.  

The above are your must-haves in a smart TV. However, to ensure that you are getting the best, here are other features to include:

5. Display type

A smart tv - QLED

When was the last time you saw a tv screen greater than seventeen inches thick? Display panels are continually slimming to unimaginable sizes. The latest smart TV features a thickness of only 4 mm. Furthermore, newer smart devices now come with LED screens. Currently, there are three types of LED screens. They are QLED, OLED and standard LED. You need not concern yourself with this at the moment. There is another piece you can read that explains everything.

6. Gesture and voice control

How does changing the channel with the flick of your hand sound? High-end models of smart TVs come with gesture control that allows you to operate the device with your body movements. Moreover, you can also command your TV with each phrase that you speak. Each smart platform includes a voice assistant that responds to your every order.

There are always additional features with each new release. However, the above is enough to help you get a decent model for your house. Finally, keep popping by from time to time to get the latest in consumer electronics. 

Who are Element Electronics?

It is an American company hailing from South Carolina. Its focus is on consumer electronics, specializing in TVs, computer monitors, and audio-visual equipment. They have an extensive product range in the smart TV lineup, ranging from HD to 4K devices.

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