48 Inch Vizio Led TV – Is It Really Dependable?

When shopping around for a TV, you are always looking at getting great value from your purchase. Unfortunately, that can be quite the challenge, especially with all the best technology only reserved for the premium models. However, that is not the case when looking at the 48 inch Vizio LED TV.

These US-made TVs are some of the only ones in the market that offer local dimming at affordable prices. 

In comparing the display specs with other TVs, you will find that your savings on the superior picture can run into hundreds of dollars. Aside from the display technology, the TVs are incredible and can fit in any décor around the house.

48 Inch Vizio LED TV – E Series

The E series is the cheapest of the bunch when assessing Vizio’s product range of TVs. Within the E series is a variation of features and technology across the different screen sizes. However, there is consistency from the beginning of each size class. For example, the specs you find on the 40 Inch E series are similar to those in the 43 and 48-inch screens. So, what makes this TV a must-buy for many consumers?


Unlike previous Vizio TVs, the design has undergone a total revamp. The central pedestal stand has been shelved for the preferable wide-set side stands. The circuitry has been evenly spread along the back of the TV to provide a much smoother finish. There are no distinct block sections, as you would see in other budget models. 

The display panel is surrounded by a minimalistic frame that does very little to distract you from the viewing. All the connection ports are neatly stacked at the back of the TV, minimizing the clutter of cables at the front of the TV. The lack of a proper cable management system is a bit of a downturn, as it would have been nice to complement the pleasant design that the TV has finally achieved.

Most of the units come with a polished black finish that glows very well if hit by the correct light angle. All in all, the TV looks good and will be a great addition either on your wall or table stand within the living room area.

Display Technology

As earlier mentioned, Vizio is the only manufacturer to include local dimming even in its low-budget TVs. You get a VA panel with the capability of beaming 1080p at 60 Hz. The backlighting LEDs spread out over six zones, meaning the picture quality remains even across the entire display panel. Despite having fewer dimming zones, the picture quality is still impressive compared to other TV brands in the same price range.

Depending on the source input, you can achieve refresh rates of up to 240 Hz. Input lag is also very low, allowing you to transition from regular TV viewing to PC or gaming with no significant alterations. Unfortunately, you will need an HDMI-enabled computer to use the screen as a PC monitor.

The ability to customize your picture settings opens up immense possibilities to improve the quality. You can tweak the gamma settings, grayscale options, and engage or disengage backlight scanning should you so wish. All your custom settings can be saved in the system’s memory, allowing you to switch between them at ease.

Smart TV Functionality

The 48 Inch Vizio LED TV comes with the proprietary Vizion Internet Apps (VIA) smart platform. It is not the most sophisticated of the bunch. However, it is still workable as you get the standard built-in apps as in other models. It comes pre-installed with Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube. The selection of apps on VIA is minimal, and you will need to add an external smart TV device if you want a more comprehensive selection.

A major disappointment with the E series is that you have to wait for updates to be rolled out by the manufacturer. These are often sporadic and do little to improve the TV’s functionality. We also noticed that the system tends to crash a lot, indicating issues with the firmware. However, given the unit’s pricing, purchasing an external streaming device will not be a bad investment.


Atrocious is what we can say. There is nothing exceptional you will get from the DTS Surround powered two 10W speakers. Luckily, Vizio also has good quality soundbars that work well with their devices.


As this is a 2015 model, the 48 Inch Vizio LED TV is slowly phasing out, with the Vizio concentrating more on the 55″, 60″, and 65″ models. These have slight upgrades to the 48-inch model, with better firmware and Google Chromecast. You can get a refurbished 48 inch TV or any other screen size from any of the following stores.

Vizio V – Series

For a more recent low-budget TV, you can consider the V-Series product line. As with all other Vizio’s, the TV comes with local dimming technology built-in. If the display panel isn’t a must-have for you, the closest to a 48 Inch Vizio LED TV in the V series is the 50 inch. The pricing is well within the range of other 48 inch brands but offers far superior display technology. Here is a more in-depth look at what is available.


Significant upgrades to how the TV renders images are obvious. For starters, the TV has a 4K enabled screen running on Dolby Vision technology. The brightness and contrast ratios are much higher, allowing you to use the TV in whatever light setting you wish. It also comes with an in-built 4K Vizio IQ processor that upscales any image to 4K quality regardless of the source input.

48 inch Vizio LED TV

Another great addition is the game mode setting on the TV. Once activated, you engage the Pro Gaming Engine, VRR technology, and 4K HDR tone mapping. These work in tandem to ensure the lowest input lag and motion blur numbers, far lower than what is currently available from other brands.


The design is similar to other budget models in the Vizio lineup. The only difference is that the V series incorporates a mix of both plastic and metal in the construction of its chassis. The TVs are much thicker than other models, with the thinnest of the lot at 6.4 cm.

The stands are more studier than the previous 2019 model, plus you also get a VESA mounting allowance of 400 X 200 mm. The flat display panel and thin frame around it make the TV look like a painting when mounted on the wall.

Smart Functionality

The TV uses Vizio’s SmartCast platform backed by VIA software. Similar issues persist in terms of the number of apps available to you. However, the interface is neater, and apps positioning follows functionality which is a plus. You will notice some slight delays when navigating through the apps, which is more of a firmware issue than the OS itself. 

We tip off our hats to Vizio’s decision not to include ads on its smart platform. It makes operation less tiring as compared to Amazon’s Fire TV platform. Among the smart platform’s notable features are VIZIO watch free, which gives you access to over 100 free over-the-air channels to widen your viewing options. Built-in Chromecast enables you to mirror your android device screen at any time, and the SmartCast OS also supports Alexa and Google voice assistants that you can use with any compatible device.


Despite having a great design and picture quality, 48 inch Vizio LED TVs disappoint with their choice of smart TV platform. If you are willing to ignore these shortcomings, you may well snag up a good deal with the current models available. They make for great second TVs and are incredible as both PC and gaming monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are Vizio TVs made?

Vizio is an American electronics company that specializes in TVs and Soundbars. It has been in business since 2002. With the consistency by which they keep introducing their products, it seems that they are in it for the long haul.

Where can you purchase the widest variety of Vizio products?

Vizio products are available across most major retailers, with the most popular being AmazonCostco, and Walmart

How can you add more apps to the Vizio smart TV platform?

Apart from the ones listed in their app selection, you’ll be unable to add apps on your VIA OS. However, with each update, you can browse and add new updates to your apps. Should you want to watch content from other streaming apps, you can either cast them to your screen via your mobile device or use the in-built web browser.

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