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Top TV Brands

We only Review TVs from leading brands

Our Top TV Picks

Choosing the best TV from the various brands can be a daunting task, therefore, we have selected the top brands to make your work easier.


Enjoy brilliantly intense, hyper-focused picture in both the darkest
and brightest scenes with Crystal UHD Technology.


Experience the world through a Quantum Matrix Technology for

a most lifelike picture yet.


Experience vivid picture quality, rain or shine, in your favorite outdoor spaces with QLED 4K

We Review The Top TV Brands so make the best buy

Whether you are new to a particular TV brand or a brand loyalist, the constant TV Teach advancement can make buying a TV confusing. Ledmond focuses on equipping you with the information you need and keep you updated on TV tech, performance, and quality.

Not Sure Which TV To Buy?

Not Sure Which Brand Will Work For You Space?

We got you covered. We have reviewed over 1000 TV sets so you don't have to struggle when buying one.
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